Correction: Notaries Cannot Lose Their Bonds

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Correction: Notaries Cannot Lose Their Bonds

Among the other Disinformation being spread is the idea that Notaries could “lose their bonds” if they Witness our Acts of Expatriation.

Those making such comments are in true La-La-Land.

All your life, you have been signing for a fictional entity — your Person.

In fact, no “State of State” Notary has ever Witnessed anything but people signing as Persons or PERSONS, so you are not doing anything unusual or wrong or even questionable by signing our paperwork, and neither is the Notary doing anything questionable by witnessing it.

Here’s what the armchair quarterbacks are missing:

In international jurisdiction there are Lawful Persons and Legal Persons, but no living people at all. So, Question One—- which one are you? Lawful Person or Legal Person?

We settle the first question — Lawful Person or Legal Person? — with the Act of Expatriation and the Deed of Reconveyance.

We record the fact and create the evidence that our Proper Name is a Lawful Person standing on the land and soil of our State, so that it is no longer open to any interpretation and we are not subject to being mistaken for Legal Persons and attacked as such.

In municipal jurisdiction there are also only commercial corporations functioning as LEGAL PERSONS. Again, no living people at all.

Question Two: where those PERSONS domiciled on Earth and who do they belong to?

We settle the second question regarding LEGAL PERSONS with the Certificate of Assumed Names and the Form 56, which re-flags the PERSON as an American PERSON (not Puerto Rican) and then Form 56 makes the Secretary of the Treasury responsible for paying ITS debts. Not us.

Everyone (including the Notaries) needs to realize that “State of State” Notaries, like State of State Sheriffs, don’t have any public bonds associated with what is in fact a private corporate office providing a public service as a paid or unpaid contractor.

Instead, the State of State corporations “self-insure” and have risk management departments. In reality what that means is that they carry private liability insurance like any big corporation.

You can’t lose bonding you don’t have.


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