Red Alert – Which Came First?

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Red Alert – Which Came First?

The Michigan General Jural Assembly and Destry Payne have claimed that you can retain “US Citizenship” and be a member of a State Jural Assembly.

I called them out on it and basically said —-no, you have to be an American State Citizen to operate an American State Assembly.

Go figure, right?

To date, they haven’t come up with a single shred of evidence in support of their position: no evidence that any State of the Union ever accepted Dual Citizenship.

This issue is too important both for your own safety and for the validity of all your work on an Assembly to bypass and leave to hand-waving.

If it were “no big deal” I wouldn’t be objecting.

Now that their claims that I was responsible for what happened to the Colorado Nine have also been thoroughly debunked, and it has been proven that instead, I gave the Colorado Nine good advice that they ignored —just like I am giving you now— it’s time to further consider the facts.

“US Citizens” are Federal Employees or Dependents by definition. The condition of “US Citizenship” arises from Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 of the Federal Constitutions. A very complete discussion of these issues appears in the United States Supreme Court Case Hooven and Allison v. Evatt.

US Citizens have no “constitutional rights or guarantees” because they are subjects defined by the Constitutions and they are adopting a political status created by the Constitutions, so logically, they are not Parties to the Constitutions, never were and cannot be.

That’s why “Equal Civil Rights” exist and what the whole Civil Rights Movement was about. US Citizens have no recognizable “Natural and Unalienable Rights” and never have had.

The Municipal Congress was forced to give them privileges known as “Civil Rights” to make up for this — but they remain only privileges, something the Master gives and the Master can take away.

We, the People, Lawful Persons living in the actual States of the Union, are Parties to the Constitutions via the participation of our States and enjoy a completely different status and stand in a completely different jurisdiction.

Once we expatriate from any Territorial or Municipal citizenship obligation– a status that was merely “conferred” and “presumed” upon us without our knowledge or consent, we are free to operate as American State Nationals or as American State Citizens. Not until.

US Citizens can be arrested for doing what we are doing, so it is an urgent matter of concern that people be given the facts up front and be given the tools to extract themselves from US Citizenship presumptions.

I will also point out that it makes no sense whatsoever to retain any tie to such a political status as a “US Citizen” if you are not currently a Federal Employee or Dependent.

Federal Service is a condition of “voluntary servitude”, as in indentured servitude. You sign a labor contract that requires you to function as a “US Citizen” for a period of years.

Once you retire or leave the US Military or Federal Civilian Service, you are no longer required to function in that capacity—and why would you, considering that it obligates you to many unpleasant duties, including paying Federal Income Tax on every penny you earn?

Loss of your private property rights?

Loss of your Constitutional guarantees?

Why would anyone in their right mind claim such a foreign and subservient political status, if they didn’t have to as a condition of employment?

The vast majority of us don’t have to, and for the work at hand — actually assembling the States of the Union — we can’t. We have to come home and dig our own ditches.

We cannot remain “at sea” in Federal jurisdiction and accomplish work on the land—- and vice versa.

So if you want to stumble into the same jurisdictional trap as the Colorado Nine and quite possibly suffer the same fate, look at the logic and the facts and lead the stampede to get your paperwork done.

Retirees from Federal Services and those who have earned their Social Security Benefits and Military Retirement benefits from Federal Employment are still welcome and able to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction.

They may still have to pay federal income tax on the portion of their retirement that is based on federal income, but they are otherwise free to collect — have their pensions and their freedom, too.


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