The Reason Why

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Reason Why

The reason all these defamatory hit pieces are suddenly being pelted at me is because I am taking on the corrupt Generals who set up the Nevada Corporation to run the phony UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and who are trying to run another round of the Great Fraud on us.

These — Sun-Tzu and Destry et alia — are the guys trying to sell the French Rothschild “Neu Republique” to us—and if they can’t sell it honestly, are trying to bring it in the back door. These same bunch of Freebooters have been running all the UN-DOD-NWO scams.

It’s not me who is the “Cabal Agent”. Remember: it’s always the pot calling the kettle black. It’s their MO to accuse their enemies of what they are doing themselves.

Just watch and see who the actual Cabal Agents are —- those who are spreading a LOT of disinfo about me and about other things, too —- telling Notaries that they could lose non-existent “bonding” if they Witness our expatriation paperwork, telling people that Tim Turner’s “Act of State” will protect them, when it didn’t protect Tim Turner (he got an 18 year prison sentence because he relied on an “Act of State” he had no capacity to do).

All sorts of crazy crap coming out of those boys now, but manure is manure and it costs those who spread it as well as those who listen to it.

The Thinking People will see the logic and abandon the fake stuff, and all the Dunderheads who can’t think beyond their Eighth Grade indoctrination into La-La-Land, will be left behind. I am sorry for them, but— goats to the left, sheep to the right. It isn’t as if I haven’t spent eight years trying to educate everyone.


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