!! Honorable Judge Anna! They are professional provocateurs, Re: A Repeat of Answers Already Given

From Nina Sidorova <nikasid108@mail.ru> 

Honorable Judge Anna!

They are professional provocateurs, who are paid by Cabal and the Jesuits! They are scared to death by your amazing articles and your truthful information, which exposes these war criminals, thieves, pedophiles, and Satanists!

I know how these war criminals scare your information. They unsubscribed me from David’s website in all of my Eight email addresses, and this scum uses functions, which do not allow me to re-register for my favorite David’s website.  They scared that I resent your articles to more than 8 thousand people!

I want you to know that you are not a simple Judge who represents We The People. You Are Our National Brilliant, whom We The People love and respect very much! 

Nina Sidorova

For you, Honorable Judge Anna,  Our National Brilliant!


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