The Continuing Debacle and The Remnant

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

The Continuing Debacle and The Remnant

Most Beloved Francis,

We wish to express our Extreme Displeasure:

The US Municipal “Congress” is out of control. They may be out of their minds, too.

They can’t be allowed to abuse bankruptcy and just continue merrily on. You know this.

No doubt Cardinal Parolin and the others know this, too—whether or not they want to admit it. The entire world is watching and knows the score, knows what was done, by whom, to whom.

The Subcontractors are even worse, if possible. All these bogus “Federal” Agencies are nothing but a huge expense and a nuisance. They create trouble out of thin air just to give themselves something to do— and then ignore all the work that they are supposed to be doing.

The FBI, DOJ, BATF, FEMA, IRS, CIA, et alia — they are all rampaging around on our shores causing trouble, mis-addressing Lawful Persons, staging all sorts of stupid military “operations”, trying to confuse everyone with deceitful use of language, getting ready to stage a “civil war” on our shores, the entire point of which is to kill us, their Employers.

The Holy Roman Empire needs to stand down and assist the Lawful Government of this country. What should have happened in 1865 needs to happen now.

The Apocalypse has happened and is ongoing.

The Great Tribulation has been paid.

The Remnant has returned.

Do the right thing.

Anna Maria


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