Third parties

How to stop contracting with the Service providers, (third party people deceivers).  By Robert-Dean:House
I declared my status as a non-citizen people of Minnesota.  I now live in Florida where I made the status correction. Did I complete the change if I still have a state issued tag, (registration), on my vehicle?  No, I did not.  Did I complete the change if I have a state issued Drivers License?  No, I did not.  So what do I do?  Well, If I was not dependent on the service provider known as the county tag office doing business for the state, I could bypass the third party, the county who collects a yearly fee for the registration via a small sticker to be placed on the tag, by doing this myself.
Only a nut would think that you can fool a cop by saying you are sovereign and do not need a tag.
I was once such a cop and you all should know that he is an employee of the corporation that created the statutes that he is enforcing.  Therefore, bypass the third party and create your own tag.  To do this in a lawful manner it must be registered with the first party, the State.  The state has to recognize it and place it into the master data base the cop uses to verify the tag in the first place.  He does not know who issued the tag at first glance.  He sees the numbers and state and then checks to verify it on his computer.  Rather it is a state issued tag or your created tag with the states approval is not the issue.  The issue is the facts on the computer which is connected to the master data base which identifies the numbers on the tag as belonging to the owner of the vehicle which is identified by its only finger print, known as the vehicle identification number.
How do you do this?
Everything I do with the corporate State is via hand printed Affidavit.  I tell them what I want from them and not the other way around.  I did a witness affidavit of permanent vehicle tag stating that under patent/copyright number GIK1-1848 which is, in fact, my property bearing vin number so and so.
The affidavit is witnessed by two witnesses and autographed in front of a notary.  We all put a red ink right thumb print over the last letter of our autograph.  It is then taken to the public records office and placed into the public record and any fee required by them is paid in lawful tender, (coin).  I then request a certified copy, for another fee of course, and I then send a copy of the certified copy to the Secretary of State, (your live in state), mine is Florida, and one to the corporate Secretary of State in D.C.  This is done via registered letter which has a one dollar stamp on it with my autograph in blue ink on an angle across the stamp which makes me the post master.  I then pay the difference with currency the post office accepts, who cares?
When the Sec. of State receives it he/she must accept it or give a response line for line via an affidavit stating why it is being rebutted.  If he/she fails to do so it is taken as truth and they must place it along with the demand into the master data base so the cops can access it.
As we should all know by now, a liar always lies and will not answer to an affidavit with truth for fear of admitting the truth, therefore they will not tell you by an admittance that what you did to place a tag on your vehicle is accepted.
This is the first tag I am doing and have not yet had it placed into the public record.  I am doing that today.  The vehicle is currently not being used but will be soon.   I will test this out with my state auto insurance, Fl. St. Sta. 324.171, 324.021 (7),627.733 (3) (b).  The certificate of Insurance I receive from the state cost me nothing, which I will address with them at a later date.  I had just renewed the ins. but the State noticed that I did not reregister one vehicle of the three I own and gave me a letter enclosed with the Certificate to get it registered in 10 days to justify its insurance of it.
After giving the Sec. of States a couple of weeks to get the affidavit into the system, I will confirm the created tag with the State Insurance office which is the Fl. State Department of Motor Vehicles by phone.  I suspect that they will confirm the registration of the new tag by looking it up on the data base which they will then tell me if they will insure it or not.  If they do, I have just confirmed that the affidavit worked.  I will keep you posted. I will do the same to the State issued D.L. at a later date.



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