On [Date], 2019 at [Time] an assembly meeting took place in [County name][Countystate] with 35 non-citizen members in attendance.

Opened in new business was the suggestion that the assembly vote on electing four Grand Jury Administrators and that they be issued a Grand Jury Seal, Badge and Identification. After it was seconded, a vote was taken and it was passed with all 35 members.

It was then motioned that the assembly select four members to act as Grand Jury Administrators. It was seconded and the motion carried. Nominations out of the 35 were taken and [John Q. Public] received [#] of the votes and [Joe T. Blow] received [#] out of 35 and [John L Smith] received [#] of the 35 and [Peter D. Pall] received [#] of the 35.

All four accepted the positions and were sworn in by the assembly secretary [Robert H. Rush].

I swear that this affidavit is true and correct to the best of my ability.


Secretary autograph


THIS ____ DAY OF __________ 20____



WITNESS ______________________________

WITNESS ______________________________


Why the form of an affidavit? If no one will dispute it, it stands as truth.

I will also recommend that a notary be part of the assembly.

The document is stamped by the Sec. autograph with the Assembly seal.

After notary and witnessed, witness and the Sec. uses a red right thumb print over the last letter of their autograph, the names also can be printed for clarity.

The document is then taken to the county clerks office where it is entered into the public record.

A certified copy is requested.

Copies of the certified copy are made with one being sent to the Sec. of State [state] and one to the Sec. of State D.C. This will result in the affidavit information being placed into the master data base. The badge numbers and I.D. numbers should also be described in the Affidavit above.

The copies are sent certified mail receipt requested being sure to put a check in the box for, “Certified Mail Restricted Delivery”.

Place a one dollar stamp in the upper right corner, most often it needs a strip of writable Scotch matte finish magic tape so the assembly Sec. can legibly autograph on an angle across it with blue ink. Making him the Post Master.

Also send a copy the same way above to the Sheriff.

The return address should be that of the Sec. business or home or a P.O. box.

We have now just communicated a Contract via affidavit to all entities of the Corporation under Common law for which we instruct them and they dare not respond unless they approve, which they will not communicate that to anyone for fear of more people doing it, thus taking away their meal ticket.

It is my opinion that just by showing this to citizen people via whatever it takes will get them to declare their status and join the Assemblies and or start their County Assemblies and some will be elected to the Grand Jury. Can anyone say, BINGO?

Robert-Dean:House 239-229-6243


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