Don’t Blame Trump — Blame the Pig Farmers

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Don’t Blame Trump — Blame the Pig Farmers

Day after day I listen to people spewing hate speech against Donald Trump, and the vast majority of the time, they are complaining about things that are being done to them by the Municipal Government.

Get a clue.

Donald Trump is not in control of the Municipal Government.

The members of Congress acting “as” the Municipal United States Congress under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 are the problem. And they are acting as part of the Holy Roman Empire — so blame the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church and the UN CORP and the Lord Mayor of London and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Benelux Governments, the Bank of France, and the IMF, World Bank, and BIS.

They are the ones causing unemployment, economic decline, horrible educational standards, wars for profit, moral depravity and promotion of human and drug trafficking —not to mention the identity theft and fraud that has been practiced against us all— you can take 95% of the rot and lay it at their feet.

The only way that the British Territorial Government (Trump’s Baileywick) can be blamed for this current situation is that they have been entrusted with riding herd on the Municipal Government and have failed to do so. They have too often been bought off by co-option and bribes.

Trump isn’t being bought off.

If he was, then everything would be roses and champagne for him inside the Beltway and the Mainstream Media would be slavering over him and licking his butt like they did with Barack Obama.

It’s the people you are sending to Congress (albeit by voting in elections that were never meant for you and which aren’t yours to vote in) that are operating as renegades and causing the foul stench coming out of Washington.

What else can you expect, when you let two political lobbies rule the roost and run everything? Lobbyists. Think about that word. You have lobbyists running what passes for a government.

In a normal government, a lobbyist is a member of a private interest organization that tries to influence the decisions of government. What we have instead are two such private interest organizations running the government.

Imagine two tribes of pigs, one pink and one brown, swarming over the trough and fighting each other over each piece of slop —and you will have the picture of what is going on year after year in Washington, DC.

Standing around thinking that things are ever going to be better or different depending on which brand of pig you support is delusional at best.

A pig is still a pig, and the purpose of a pig is to eat, eat, eat.

So, Mr. Farmer, do you want to raise pigs at all? Is that what the government is supposed to be in business for? If not, why are you allowing this to go on?

A third of the Federal Government — and the most important part of it from our perspective — is gone. Missing in action. It’s been this way for 150 years. It has never been “reconstructed”.

And in the meantime, the Hired Help has had a hey day of unbelievable proportions at our expense. The Lobbyists occupied the empty chairs of the actual Federal Congress, and here we are, seemingly stuck between a chocolate-flavored Pig Poop Cocktail and a raspberry rendition of the same.

There is, of course, a Third Option. We could do what we are supposed to do, what we brag to the rest of the world about doing. We could self-govern.

We could wake up, reclaim our lawful birthright status as Americans, repopulate our land jurisdiction States of the Union, elect all our own officials, including our own peacekeeping officials, reconstruct our Federal-level States of States, and restore our actual government.

We could stop raising pigs. We could get out of the pig business altogether.

But first we have to wake up, and next, we have to get out of bed.


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