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Horribly Misrepresented

   by Anna von Reitz Horribly Misrepresented . All information seeming to suggest that I am or ever was an “Agent of the Vatican” comes directly from me, so there is no effort to hide anything I have ever done, … Continue reading

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JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ – TAKING BACK AMERICA – Exclusive Full Interview W/ Victurus Libertas

[ 46:36 ]  “Income Tax has been illegal in America; but it’s not illegal in the U.S.” _________________________________________________________

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Recap of Our Maiden Voyage

 by Anna von Reitz Recap of Our Maiden Voyage You all sent in some great questions for our “Maiden Voyage” broadcast of our first-ever Countrywide Call for The American States Assembly: Among the important topics we discussed were:  (1) the … Continue reading

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