The 7 “Blind” men and the US Elephant – 6 The Diplomat

The sixth “blind” man is Professor Peter Dale Scott, a Canadian-born Professor of English, poet and diplomat. His book titled The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy depicts a fundamentally schizophrenic American government.

Considered the father of “deep politics”, Scott highlights the two levels of government in America – the more familiar one is the law-enacting government, consisting of a Senate, House of Representatives and President. Meanwhile, the second hidden government operates on a deeper level and is composed of the national security apparatus, intelligence agencies, and the armed forces.

This deep state itself is divided between the “Beltway agencies of the shadow government, like the CIA and NSA, which have been instituted by the public state and now overshadow it, but also including private corporations like Booz Allen Hamilton (Edward Snowden’s employers) and SAIC.” Meanwhile, its corporate arm is made up of “the much older power of Wall Street, referring to the powerful banks and law firms located there, but also to the cartels and other corporate alliances established there, and Wall Street’s think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations.”

Scott stresses the strong corporate-beltway-government tether through the effortless way with which officials move between these organizations. “Top-level Treasury officials, CIA officers, and Wall Street bankers and lawyers think much alike because of the ‘revolving door’ by which they pass easily from private to public service and back.”

However, even the familiar law-enacting government has not been immune from the deep state’s subversion. Scott charts the history of FEMA’s deep state unconstitutional plans to take over the American government: “Known more recently (and misleadingly) as ‘Continuity of Government’ (COG) planning, the Doomsday project, under the guiding hands in the 1980s of Oliver North, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and others, on 9/11 became the vehicle for a significant change of government.” It was under their tenure in 1988 that COG’s apocalyptic scope was enlarged to not only prepare for an atomic attack but to also plan for the effective suspension of the American Constitution in the face of any emergency: “This change in 1988 allowed COG to be implemented in 2001.”

With its access and control of a high-level secret communications channel, not under government control, the project planners gradually gained the power to reach deeply into the US social structure and implement a program in direct opposition to official government policy.

This open conspiracy was even acknowledged in the mainstream media. Scott explains how “[a] decade before 9/11, it’s far-reaching arrangements were expanding the groundwork of Oliver North, to create what CNN in 1991 already described as a ‘shadow government……about which you know nothing.’”

The 9/11 attack was a pivotal day in US history that permanently changed America and suspended Constitutional rights. This transformation, according to Scott, was based on the decades-old COG plans that went into effect on that fateful day: “By this time the Doomsday Project had developed into what the Washington Post called ‘a shadow government that evolved based on long-standing ‘continuity of operations plans.’’”

The Judicial branch of the American government is also not immune. According to Scott: “[T]his parallel government is guided in surveillance matters by its own Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, known as the ‘FISA Court,’ which according to The New York Times ‘has quietly become almost a parallel Supreme Court.’ Thanks largely to Edward Snowden, it is now clear that the FISA court has permitted this deep state to expand surveillance beyond the tiny number of known and suspected Islamic terrorists, to any incipient protest movement that might challenge the policies of the American war machine.”


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