Good News for Colored People

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Good News for Colored People

The research is done and the truth disclosed! Our States of the Union— even the States of the Deep South— never discriminated on the basis of race or skin color!

The requirement for State Citizenship is Free Man status.

Because many of those enslaved were black, a presumption grew up (and became “popular knowledge”) that they were not eligible to serve as State Citizens because of their race or skin color, but instead it was the issue of enslavement and/or indentured servitude that kept many colored people from participating in actual State Government.

We have uncovered many substantial cases in which black Americans who had achieved their freedom from bondage went on to serve as State Citizens even in the Deep Southern States. We also have plenty of examples of Cherokee and Iroquois and other Natives serving as State Citizens.

The organizations that have discriminated against black Americans and Colored People of all variety, were the States of States — mostly European-backed (and snobbish and class-conscious) private business enterprises that were not subject to popular opinion or practice.

So, all of those who have been digging for answers (as we have) can now rest assured that our republican states and States of the Union were not racially prejudiced.

This resolves one of the great dissonances that was self-evident from the beginning of this effort, and once again, we find that the problem was with the “States of States” calling themselves “States” — and confusing their operations with our actual States of the Union. Just as they continue to try to do today.

Anyone of any color born on the soil of any state who claims their freedom as a “Free Man” — that is, not under any obligation of Territorial or Municipal Citizenship — is welcome to fully and freely participate in the State Assemblies and may hold Office as part of the State Assembly.

This underlines and justifies my faith in the logic and the meaning of all that the Founding Fathers expressed regarding Nature’s Law and the Nature of Mankind.


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