Why Q Anon Matters

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Why Q Anon Matters

The rudimentary truth is that we are The Plan. We are the only Plan that can be. Mankind exists according to what Mankind asks for. So we better ask for the right things.

And that requires waking up and taking stock and taking action.

All by ourselves. In small groups. In huge waves.

I remote viewed the Seventh Seal last week. It looks like a cratered molar sunk in the waves, just the jagged northern edge of that once-overwhelming edifice remains. That’s what your love did.

And the Great Palatine Seal? Oh, it’s still there, but eroded, all its edges rounded over, strangely melting away like a sand castle under the force of a gentle rain.

“How to Lose Your Mind and Build Another”….those who are stuck in the mud need to rise up and dance.

We don’t struggle now against the powers of the flesh, but of the air, and of evil in high places. We struggle with ideas, with lies, with claims and counter-claims, and issues of value.

Notice that the quality of the light has changed.

Radiance has increased. Color has shifted. You have seen this before, long ago. Something is stirring in your memory. Gaia is the name of Mars. Terra is the name of Earth.

This isn’t so much about getting back what we are owed as it is about reclaiming what we are: free men and women. And then, realizing what the whole lesson is about.

1 Samuel 8.

We shall put no man above us to serve as king; only the True and Living God shall be our Sovereign.

We are The Plan. And that’s why Q Anon is the Praying Medic, not DiddlyBopQ13.

We are finally coming to fruition and correcting our mistakes.


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