Anyone Who Calls Me “Mrs. Belcher” Had Better Be Prepared…

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Anyone Who Calls Me “Mrs. Belcher” Had Better Be Prepared…

I don’t allow anyone to mistake me for the wife of a British Merchant Mariner and anyone who makes that mistake is likely to have his Legal Teeth shoved right back down his throat.

I am not a “Misses” or “Mrs.”

You all may be, especially idiots like Sun-Tzu and Destry Payne, but not me and not mine. We are Americans through and through, not Brits and not British employees, and not Municipal Trademarks, either.

We own it all. And we have the evidence to ream every single corporation in sight, including all the LLC’s.

So— like it, lump it, believe it, or don’t — the facts are the facts and we hold the keys.

You are all invited to take your clueless sophomoric “analysis” which demonstrates your ignorance of the legal jargon and also the commercial processes involved and stick it where the sun don’t shine.


Anna Maria


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