Dave Hodges

By Robert-Dean:House     trefarmerh@centurylink.net
Dave, did you know that when you refer to the Government as being your Government you show people and make them believe that there is a true Government of our choosing representing us, the people.  News for you.  We do not.  Could a people from a foreign Government and nations be elected into a legitimate Government of any country?  I wish more people like yourself, Alex Jones, Rush, etc. would stick to the facts that our Government is a Corporation created by its stockholders to do business for a profit.  Go back and do some research on the congressman, Davy Crockett.  Maybe then you will know what a true Government is about.  Ask yourself why he knew he could only do one term of four years and compare that to the elected or selected Government we know of today.  Also, read my statement, “A country without a Government” found on this site and help the people to understand what and why they are acting and getting away with the things they are doing in the Corporate Government.  Then help us restore our true Government.


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