The Reason for All the Paperwork

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

The Reason for All the Paperwork

There is really only one purpose for all this paperwork, and that is to establish a public record and evidence of who you are and the capacity in which you choose to act. There is in turn only one reason to do that — and that reason is to protect you and your family from oppression and foreign subjection and false claims in commerce.

Your identity has been stolen and false claims have been established against your Good Name in violation of treaties, conventions, and commercial service contracts that both the Territorial and Municipal Governments owe to you.

Just as it requires action on your part to reclaim your identity after a credit card hacker makes unauthorized charges, this situation requires you to take action to reclaim your identity from this abuse by government service providers.

Beyond the paperwork involved, you need to educate yourselves about the actual Public Law you are heir to.

Last, every American who can qualify to serve as an American State Citizen is encouraged to join their lawful State Assembly and serve. There is a large back log of issues to be addressed and work to be done.


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