Why So Many Lies and So Many Liars?

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Why So Many Lies and So Many Liars?

Here we are, at the end of over two years of the most shameful, public, politically motivated witch hunt in our history, and all focused against Donald Trump. He must be doing something profoundly right.

And all this time, it has been painfully clear that Hillary Clinton and her State Department and Harry Reid, actually have colluded with the Russians and sold them 20% of America’s Uranium.

Once again, the Liars accused their victim of exactly what they were doing themselves.

I want them charged. I want them jailed.

I want the big media conglomerates responsible for promoting this gigantic Lie-Fest broken up into a hundred thousand little pieces and sued into oblivion.

It couldn’t happen to nicer people. Just take a long look at the harm they have done with their lies and political agendas.

And when the media empires are busted as monopolies and are re-sold, I want the pieces sold to Americans. I want American Air Waves and American Media to be American.

Even as this is all playing out, we are seeing more Liars oozing out of the woodwork in swarms. As I said to a friend this morning — “Must be their mating season.”

They are everywhere, lying desperately about anything and everything and everyone. And they think that they can get away with this….. and nobody is going to notice that they are spewing hokum?

Let’s review:

(1) They accuse their victims of doing what they are doing themselves.

(2) They attach derogatory labels to their victims.

(3) They gossip like teenagers.

(4) They act behind false names and false fronts.

(5) They make people feel paranoid.

(6) They deliberately misrepresent people and facts.

(7) They make unaccountable accusations and omissions.

(8) They have no morals or scruples whatsoever.

Why are they lying about me? The same reason they are lying about Donald Trump: money.

They know that if we follow through and properly assemble our States of the Union, their Big Party at our expense is done and over.

There are two reasons for this. First, our States are competent to govern all by themselves, with or without restoring any Federal-level States of States.

Second, if we finish the “Reconstruction” and re-charter Federal-level States of States that work for our American States, the endless “emergency” and claims of “war powers” and all the rest of the Shinola will be over.

American Service Providers will take over the Federal Contracts and the Brits and the Holy Roman Empire will no longer be able to manipulate and control and siphon American resources.

The money we spend on Federal Services will stop being sucked off to benefit foreign interests and will stay at home, where it will benefit the American States and People instead.

Trillions of dollars of service contracts will go to new service providers. American service providers. Imagine that?

Of course, the Brits and the Papists are desperate and throwing every lie in their repertoire at us. Of course, they are accusing me of what they are doing themselves. Of course, they are labeling and trying to demean me.

And these are, after all, the same people who stole your identity when you were just a baby in your crib. These are the same ones who routinely pretend that you are “dead” while they are administering your probated estate in court right in front of you. These are the same vermin who refuse to pay you the offset credit you are owed. These are the same Filth who oppress you under color of law. These are the same Liars who have all but destroyed our country.

And they don’t even tell you their names. They hide behind nicknames like “Virgo Triad” which actually means “Taxing Pitchfork”. Well, if you haven’t been taxed enough….just listen to her.

Turn your Shinola Sensors on. And leave them on. It’s mating season for Liars.


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