A Further Insight About Amorica

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

A Further Insight About Amorica

This comment came in from a reader who is considerably more familiar with the Celtic language than I am. I had always thought that “Amor” might be another transliteration of “Amour”— French for “Love” but now find out it means “Heavenly”, which is certainly aligned with Love….

Consider the implications of the “Heavenly Kingdom” never conquered by Rome, never controlled by the Catholic Church, expanding and flourishing on a whole new Continent?

No wonder the Roman Catholic Pontiff hated it and sought to undermine it.

And now my Reader’s Quote:

“If one should check the true meaning of America in the Celtic language you will find that it is broken into two separate words, “amer” = heavenly, and “rika” = kingdom or nation. Thus America is the Heavenly Kingdom to finally be set up in the earth as it is in heaven, which is part of the prayer given as how to pray, the “Our Father which art in heaven…..”

Let us fulfill the destiny of our True Name and Heritage, and the name of our Capitol city, Philadelphia.

(Of course, the Capitol of the Heavenly Kingdom is The City of Brotherly Love. It makes perfect sense throughout, just as it always does when the True Lord of Heaven puts his hand to something on Earth.)

Rise up, you Remnant, returning to the land after the Great Tribulation (Tribute paid to Rome). Let your feet hasten and your hearts be glad, because despite the ravages and destruction wrought by our enemies and the enemies of the True God, we have survived and remained intact and the land is here for us to come home to.

Take up your work with peaceful hearts knowing that the scourge has come and gone and will not rest on us again.

It will rest on our Enemies and give them no rest until the Final Hour of the current world has come to pass.

Pray, then, for the Earth and all the people on it. Pray for the restoration and truth that is so desperately needed. Pray for the permanent removal of the Evil Ones, the Liars who have made lying for profit the object of their days.

Step forward with courage and with faith to reclaim and restore your great nation. Leave no stone unturned in your efforts. Come now, as children who have been kidnapped and enslaved, returning home to your righteous kingdom and your Good Name.

Establish your Will in these matters by recording your paperwork on the Public Record, reclaiming your Good Name and returning it to the land and soil you are heir to.

What began in Amorica so long ago, let it come to fruition here, so that the Heavenly Kingdom is established before all men and all bear witness to the Truth.


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