Heads Up Federal Civil and Military Retirees!

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Heads Up Federal Civil and Military Retirees!

All the Federal entities are operating as commercial corporations no different than Exxon or IBM or GE.

Your situation as a Retiree whether a military Retiree or a Civil Service Retiree is NO DIFFERENT than someone who worked for Exxon in Saudi Arabia, vested in the Exxon pension program, and then returned home to America.

Does Exxon still owe you every bit of your retirement?


Are you obligated to punch their time clock or wear their uniform?


Once you are back in the States do you have to obey the Laws of Saudi Arabia anymore?


So what @#$% are you %$@$%@ talking about? [Scaring Seniors about their retirement?]

This is NOT rocket science, and no, we did not just “forget” or overlook the “possible consequences” to federal retirees of returning home to the actual States of the Union.

What’s the point of “fighting for freedom” if you can never enjoy it yourself, and are condemned forever to some kind of foreign enslavement Boot Camp?

Wake up!

When you are “Retired” you ARE retired and any presumption otherwise is your own fault for failure to notify your former federal employers that you have left their foreign jurisdiction and returned home. (unrebutted presumptions, stand as true).

I am sick and tired of all this fear-mongering and suggestions that I haven’t thought this through and don’t know what I am talking about and threatening seniors with the loss of payments they earned from these commercial corporations.

If you stay a “US Citizen” you will receive “benefits”— as in welfare benefits. And those are just “gifts” to you from the corporations, which may decide to go bankrupt and bilk you all out of every penny and service you are owed.

They have no contractual obligation to provide “benefits”.

They do, however, have a Priority obligation to pay pensions and earned income credits and VA Services to American Military Retirees.

So beat your feet home and claim your actual birthright status as Americans— and stop this fear-mongering and stupidity. There is absolutely no safety and no benefit in claiming any form of US Citizenship when you can claim to be an owner of the actual unincorporated United States.


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