Confederate “States” v. Federation States

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Confederate “States” v. Federation States

Confederate “States” such as those formed under The Articles of Confederation are in fact “States of States”. They are commercial corporations that belong to an actual State, as the names imply.

Think about it: State of Wisconsin means “State outside of, or in addition to, or belonging to Wisconsin”. (“of” means belonging to).  State of (belonging to) Wisconsin.

It obviously isn’t the same as “Wisconsin”.

An entity can’t belong to Wisconsin or be apart from Wisconsin or outside of Wisconsin, and at the same time be Wisconsin, can it?

If the “State of Wisconsin” were an actual geographically defined State, it would be impossible for it to occupy the same space as Wisconsin.

So from all of the above, we have reason to know that the State of Wisconsin (or any other state-of-state) — may be a Confederate “State” — but is not the same as Wisconsin and not the same kind of State.

The Confederate “States” are in fact what are called “inchoate” or “incomplete” States, because they have no land or soil component of their own. They are legal fictions without a location in space or physical attributes.

California has actual physically defined borders, trees, hills, mines, towns….. this is where you live as a Californian.

The State of California has incorporated cities and counties and State of State business enterprises…. all legal fiction entities.

The STATE OF CALIFORNIA has incorporated municipalities and service districts and federally chartered business enterprises….all legal fiction entities.

Now, all these “States of States” are supposed to be subservient to the actual people living in the actual State.

But….. by legal chicanery, certain entities have arranged to have all of us misidentified as “US Citizens” —- either Territorial United States Citizens, or Municipal United States Citizens called “Citizens of the United States”—- instead of being identified as living, breathing Californians, Wisconsinites, Texans, and so on.

This “impersonation” of us deprives us of our rights and standing and our property assets. It leaves us unable to enforce the Constitutions that our actual States like California, Wisconsin, and Texas, are owed.

As a result, the States of States — which are just commercial corporations like Exxon and GE and Burger King, International, —have been running wild and lording it over the actual living people and the actual unincorporated sovereign States that have allowed these organizations to exist.

It’s time for that to stop and for the States of States populated by British Territorial “United States Citizens” and the STATES OF STATES populated by Municipal “Citizens of the United States” to be brought up short and held to account by the actual States and the actual People of this country.

In order to do this we must clearly recognize the difference between our States which are unincorporated and the States of States which are all incorporated entities.

We must also take action to reclaim and declare our original birthright political status as Americans and not acquiesce to any “presumption” that we are voluntarily acting as British Territorial Citizens (like someone born in Puerto Rico) or as Municipal Citizens (like someone working for the Holy Roman Empire).

Once we get it straight and realize what has gone on here and make these corrections, we are free to act as one of the American People, assemble our actual States —- not any Confederate “States” —- and enforce the Constitutions and the Public Law that we and our States of the Union are owed.

Do not be misled into continuing to act as any form of United States Citizen and forming a State of State, when what you mean to do is be recognized as one of the living People and form an actual State.






















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