Be Forewarned

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Be Forewarned

The Queen’s Government is responding with a propaganda campaign designed to “redefine” the Reconstruction — an attempt to rewrite history and contracts and treaties using film and a lot of lies and prompted false assumptions to do it.

To answer this you need only observe: (1) the contracts — the actual Constitutions and Treaties the Queen and the Pope owed us at the time of the Civil War; (2) the results — they secretively took over our government in gross Breach of Trust, usurped upon the States to create their own foreign States of States on our soil and left us uninformed; (3) the fact that the Reconstruction Acts have never been repealed; (4) the President is still defined by his role as Commander-in-Chief and rules by Executive Order via a military junta instead of working for us and our States of the Union.

These are evils which have been used to usurp and commandeer our lawful government for many decades and represent inexcusable fraud and Breach of Trust on the part of the Queen and the Pope, both.

You will soon be seeing a Ken Burn’s style movie about the Reconstruction on PBS. This was rushed forward as a propaganda effort, to try to convince you that everything was completed and done correctly, go back to sleep….. but I and our American researchers are here to tell you to wake up and address the actual history —- not another British Bunko version of history like you were sold in Public School.


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