Dems Kill Tuition Bill For Vets’ Families But Approve Tuition Bill For Illegals

The left continue to push to support illegal immigrants (aka illegal Democrats) above the average Joe American, that’s no secret and it’s easy to see why. To them, it’s all about the votes.  The voting of Democrats in New York against the families of veterans but passing a similar bill to offer financial aid to illegal immigrants is downright despicable.

According to Breitbart, Empire State Democrats quashed a bill on Tuesday that would have provided free tuition for Gold Star families that had lost a child killed in the line of duty in service to the country.

“The Assembly’s Higher Education Committee voted 15 to 11 to hold the bipartisan bill, effectively ending its chances of making it to a floor vote this session,” according to

But the move comes only a week after the same legislature passed a $175 billion state budget that contained $27 million to give free tuition to illegal aliens.

“It’s disgraceful,” Republican Assemblyman Gary Finch said after the Gold Star bill was shelved, “Soldiers who lay down their lives and make the ultimate sacrifice represent the best of us. The children they love so dearly deserve access to the opportunity and promise that is the hallmark of this country. I can’t imagine what’s in your heart when you vote ‘no’ on a bill like this.”

Republicans in New York slammed the backward Democrats, calling them out on their cowardice:

New York GOP


Democrats just rejected tuition assistance for Gold Star families but approved it for illegal immigrants. Would these Democrats dare to look into the eyes of the children of fallen servicemen and women and say they matter less than those here illegally? 

NY Assembly: No free college tuition for Gold Star families

Lawmakers block bill to provide SUNY tuition to families of NY military members killed in action.

Not everyone in the military is a Republican but it’s no secret that Conservatives have always supported the Military more so than the left.  So, a large number of servicemen and women tend to vote for Conservative values. Whereas illegals, who aren’t going to vote for better immigration security, won’t vote against their own best interests – i.e. they vote for Democrats in the states that allow them that right.

I suspect that that’s the motive behind Democrats striking down tuition for Gold Star families but giving a free pass to illegals. I could be wrong. Let me know what you think in the comments bel


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