Fact One, Fact Two…

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Fact One, Fact Two…

1. No organization that includes “United States Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” can assemble an actual State of the Union.

2. Beacon 37, The Republic, the National Assembly, RuSA, etc., etc., etc., are all organized and “inhabited” by US Citizens.

3. Therefore, NONE of these organizations are competent to assemble our actual States of the Union.

4. Our States are the only ones that can enforce the Constitutions because our States are the Parties to the Constitutions.

5. Our States are the only ones that can re-charter the American owned and operated States of States that we are owed.

6. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to avoid abiding by the Constitutions, so don’t want us to assemble our actual States.

7. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to usurp upon the “vacancy” left by our missing Federal States of States.

8. So none of these organizations — Beacon 37, the Republic, the National Assembly — none of them are set up and aiming to do what We, the American People, need to get done.

9. You need to come home while there is still a home to come home to.

10. The only organization(s) out there that are properly constituted of American State Nationals and State Citizens are organizing under the heading of “The American States Assembly:”

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