TV Shows Told Us Measles No Big Deal!

Back when I was growing up, TV told a lot more truth than it does today.  It’s gotten worse and worse as the decades rolled by.   In this great video below, you’ll see many TV shows from the Flintstones to the Brady Bunch and others where Measles was joked about and was NOT a big deal at all!   In fact, it was just a part of growing up.  Your body learned how to destroy the Measles quickly and that was it!

Enter today’s reality where you have Fox News and the rest of the paid liars on TV telling you to get your vaccines and Measles is a very big deal indeed!  They spread FEAR and they tell you it’s so SCARY and you must RUN to get your Measles vaccine immediately.

Trump called out the Flu Vaccine as a TOTAL HOAX! Trump KNOWS the vaccines are a SCAM!


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