Rebut the Presumption | by Ryan Brooks

The presumption of “joinder” to the “artificial person” NAME causes living men and women to unwittingly become the “surety” for the corporate debt of YOURNATION (INC.) in a global system of debt-money bondage.

All legal person actors operate on assumptions and presumptions, whether they are serving an incorporated government, a known corporation, or an “administrative court”. When presenting claims (presentments) in commerce, face-to-face or by post, they make the “presumption” that you are “acting” in “joinder” to the “artificial person” NAME. Jurisdiction is attached to the NAME, so when you rebut the presumption they have no jurisdiction and cannot proceed. Any further action is fraudulent.

Presumption n. a rule of law which permits a court to assume a fact is true until such time as there is a preponderance (greater weight) of evidence which disproves or outweighs (rebuts) the presumption. Each presumption is based upon a particular set of apparent facts paired with established laws, logic, reasoning or individual rights. A presumption is rebuttable in that it can be refuted by factual evidence. One can present facts to persuade the judge that the presumption is not true.

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