Yes, You’ve Got It! —

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Yes, You’ve Got It! —

I just answered a question for a reader, which was echoed by another reader and I am just taking a moment to affirm that yes, the different capacities in which the single legislatures act do result in different forms of law and you do have to be able to tell the difference if you are to know which “laws” are meant to apply to you and which are “laws” for foreign government workers.

Bearing in mind that our actual sovereign States haven’t assembled in 150 years, you must see that none of the “State” Legislatures are actually functioning as State Legislatures.

They are calling themselves State Legislatures because they are managing State Trusts named after our States of the Union, and because they are legislating for Territorial States of States corporations and Municipal STATE OF STATE corporations, both, but they are not, in fact, true State Legislatures.

Why? Again, the actual People of the States of the Union have not assembled their States and acted in this capacity for 150.

So that much thorough understood— let’s grab a “State” Legislature, for example, the Minnesota Legislature.

When it acts in the capacity of the Board of Trustees for the Minnesota State (Trust) the results are General Session Laws meant to apply to the Public at Large.

When the Minnesota Legislature acts as the legislative body for the Territorial United States Franchise doing business as the State of Minnesota this results in State Statutes.

And when the Minnesota Legislature acts as the legislative body for the Municipal United States Franchise doing business as the STATE OF MINNESOTA this results in Municipal Code.

The same is true of the “United States” Congress. Acts that are enrolled and published in the Federal Record are Public Laws of Federal United States, known as United States Statutes at Large, everything else is either a Territorial Title or a Municipal Code.

Last I checked only about 8% of the “laws” passed by the Congress are Public Laws that affect Americans in some context related to their constitutional duties. Everything else is aimed at and supposed to apply to nobody but Federal Government employees and dependents.

Unfortunately, they have worked things around via the misuse and abuse of commercial contracting practices to claim that we are all Federal Government employees and dependents and therefore subject to every whim their lordships desire.

They’ve used dishonest and undisclosed commercial contracts to betray the trust owed to every American and then claimed that we agreed to this, that it was all voluntary, etc., etc.

To say that we need a housecleaning in DC, or even a draining of the Swamp is an understatement. What we really need is an end to legislative conflict of interest


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