The gangsters-fusion mercenaries commit cyber attacks


Please listen a part of this video at 56:00, in which Jeff Rense explained about EMF attack on his car, after which the engine of his car was destroyed.  Jeff had a horrible brain injury and brain bleeding, after which he was hospitalized.

emp explosion, the engine was killed, strange noises, electronic noises                (check at 56:00 )

On April 24, 2019, at 9 PM, in the evening on Freeway 280 near Redwood City, the satanic cabal’s agents, who are tied with Mexican and Latino Drug Cartels: Bandit Sheriff of San Mateo County Carlos Bolanos; Born in Puerto Rico Police Gangster–Chief of San Jose Police Department Edd Garcia and Police Gangster–Chief of Mountain View Police Department  Max Bosel, required mafia and the mercenaries of Fusion Centers to commit the same EMF attack on my car in order to assassinate me.

emp explosion, the engine was killed, strange noises, electronic noises… The same had happened with the engine of my car!

I was able to park on a freeway shoulder after the engine of my car was destroyed.  I called my friends, explaining what had happened with my car, after which San Mateo Bandit Sheriff Bolanos and two Police Gangsters, Garcia and Bosel, understood that I am alive and that I was not hospitalized or died.

Immediately after that,  they sent a second car-track, which hit my car at the driver seat and run away… Even the electrical part of a car door was smashed and destroyed in pieces…


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