Comment on MGJA Notice to Donald Trump

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Comment on MGJA Notice to Donald Trump

I think this “Notice” is in the same exact vein as dozens of failed Patriot efforts that have gone before. See all the work that Bob Schultz did. See all the work that NLA did. Those who don’t learn from their mistakes…..


That’s me making a disgusted sound as I shake my head; you would think that we had all been over this ground too many times before, but no….. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. So I guess a lot of patriots in this country are insane. They just keep making the same mistakes and the same false assumptions— over and over and over.

For one thing, in Law, the term “People” very specifically means “People of the Land Jurisdiction”—- and MGJA doesn’t qualify its members to act as “People”, much less as “We, the People”— that is, Progeny of the Founders and Inheritors of the National Trust.

They are all still wandering around claiming to be “US Citizens” of one kind or another, even after I pointed out that no “US Citizen” is now nor has ever been qualified to act in the capacity of one of the “People” of this country. US Citizens— whether United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, either one — are acting as “Persons” and not as “People” by definition.

So that renders their actions invalid and ineffective from the get-go.

At best, President Trump may look at this Notice of theirs as a “Petition”. At worst, he could arrest all of them who haven’t bothered to correct their political status records and throw the book at them as “insurrectionists”— ironically, they could be charged under the same statutory law they are citing for him as a reference because they are still carrying “US Citizenship” obligations.

The whole reference to the Act of 1871 is pathetic, too. The Act of 1871 was repealed in 1874. Hello? Parts of it were piece-meal passed as part of other Acts in 1877-78. I have published the whole history of this process. Nobody has any excuse for being ignorant about this and what it all “means” if they have been following along.

The Municipal United States Government is created by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, which gives the members of Congress “plenary”— meaning absolute — control of the government of Washington, DC . That government reorganized itself as a private commercial corporation and Municipality — an independent, international city-state—and they had every right to do so. Period. In and of itself, it had no affect on us or our States and we have no right to complain about how they conduct their business, because under their contract, The Constitution of the United States, they have every right to do whatever they want to do as the government of Washington, DC.

So all those choices, all those changes, lie outside our contract with them, should not impact us, and do not change their obligations to us. The Act of 1871 is none of our business, and it does not become any of our business until or unless it results in: (1) neglect or insubordination of duties owed performance; (2) trespass upon our Lawful Jurisdiction; (3) usurpation.

The grounds that we have to complain are of a different kind entirely than what the Notice under discussion implies.

The Municipal United States Government is strictly limited to operate within the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, but they have usurped far, far beyond that. They have, without authorization, created their own Municipal Service Districts and extended them all across our country. They have established STATE OF STATE organizations and established them within the physical borders of every State of the Union, too.

None of this is allowed under their Constitution, but these entities are operating as foreign commercial corporations, and if we do not object to their activities, they assume that we “acquiesced” to their practices and accepted their “offers” and that they have our permission to act in ways never stipulated by the constitutional agreements.

Somebody has to hold them to the limitations of their contract, and with all the actual Americans asleep and “presumed” to be some form of Territorial or Municipal US Citizen, there was nobody left to do that. They have run wild and run amok and nobody has been smart enough or determined enough to get into position to hold their feet to the fire and force them to honor their obligations. Until now.

The American States Assembly is closing in.

These Territorial and Municipal government services corporations and their officers are also under specific performance obligations and duties that they have not fulfilled, which they have bungled, neglected, and ignored. We have — once we are recognizable as “People” — the ability to hold them accountable for that.

Even worse, these our employees, have been insubordinate and have trespassed against us and against our lawful government. We can charge them for that, too, once we start acting as “People” again. The ambush and murder of LaVoy Finicum come to mind.

That is heinous enough in and of itself, but when you consider that Municipal United States Subcontractors — FBI — planned and executed this action, it becomes clear just how far out of line these members of Congress are and how necessary it is for Americans to wake up, act in their Lawful Capacity, and hold these foreign commercial corporations accountable.

These are all matters of criminality, not politics.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, 911, LaVoy —- these are international crimes being committed on our shores by misdirected Federal Employees and Federal Subcontractors. We don’t need to whine to Donald Trump. He is already doing his best. What we need to do is to get our own Ducks in Order, and do what needs to be done to correct our own political status, assemble the actual States of the Union, and kick rump.

Then we can help President Trump drain the Swamp and discourage the Alligators, instead of standing around like little children whimpering about having their candy taken away and shouting, “I’m King of the Mountain!” or, in this case, falsely claiming to act as “We, the People” when we haven’t even bothered to find out what “People” means.

The American States Assembly has done the work and paid the price to actually function as “We, the People”.

We know that the actual States of the Union don’t allow participation by “US Citizens” in their government, because it would be a gross conflict of interest. We are assembling States, not States of States.

We know that we have been deliberately misidentified, first as British Territorial Citizens, and then as Municipal CITIZENS. We also know that there is no evidence on the Public Record to rebut these presumptions against us, until we take action to correct this circumstance and produce our pedigree and back up our claim to be and to act as one of the People of this country.

We, The American States Assembly, and our member State Assemblies, have standing as “We, the People”, and we are not petitioning anyone for anything. Nor are we sending vain “Notices” to Donald Trump, and adding to his burden and frustration. We are rebuilding and restoring our Lawful Government — and we are beginning action to enforce the Constitutions owed to us by the Territorial and Municipal Governments.

Please realize that we have already given complete Notice and Due Process to all members of the Territorial and Municipal Governments. That process was completed in April 2014. It took seven (7) years to accomplish, but we did it. There is no need for any other effort by Americans to serve Notice nor Due Process on Donald Trump nor any other corporate official. That was already done five (5) years ago and has been under continuous action ever since. The backstory of this effort is detailed in my book, Disclosure 101, and anyone trying to deal with this Mess needs to sit down and read it—-sooner rather than later.

Then maybe the Queen will stop laughing at the ignorant Colonials stumbling around claiming to be US Citizens at the same time they are claiming to be “We, the People”. And maybe the Roman Pontiff will realize that being the “bridge” between Life and Death requires more Due Diligence from him than he has been giving to it. And —- imagine the American Patriot Movement finally coming together and being properly educated and taking effective measures to correct this Mess? Wouldn’t that be something——- ?!

That’s my comment on their Notice. Don’t expect Donald Trump to give it any notice back. If he does, he will be acting in error—- because they are, as US Citizens — his subordinates, and no more “We, the People” than the Iman of Kashmir.


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