Second Comment on Michigan General Jural Assembly

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Second Comment on Michigan General Jural Assembly

I have been asked for an opinion regarding whether or not MGJA is trustworthy, questionable, or untrustworthy. I guess the answer would have to be “questionable”. Here is what I replied:

Wish I knew the answer— for sure; but, what I can tell you is that they, the Michigan General Jural Assembly, got a large part of it exactly right, and two parts of it disastrously (and suspiciously) wrong.

Robert Gilman was associated with MacArthur’s Staff and was told to do this (organize the Michigan General Jural Assembly) — so we know the directive to do it came from high up the military chain of command at that time. He, Robert, admitted that to me first-hand.

The two parts of it that they’ve got wrong are:

(1) Allowing people to retain US Citizenship while claiming to act as “We, the People”. The term “People” means Lawful Persons standing on the international land jurisdiction of their country — in our case, that means the States of the Union. The States then each further restrict the definition of who can act as “People” of that State by requiring unique allegiance to that State—-none of the actual States allow Dual Citizenship.

This information is available through State archives, but is also made evident in the Constitutions via the prohibitions against the States operating as States of States.

All US Citizens, whether United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, operate as Legal Persons, not Lawful Persons (not People) — which is strike one against them being able to operate as one of “We, the People” and against their assemblies being able to operate as State Assemblies, either. You have to ditch any and all forms of “US Citizenship” to be able to function as one of the People and run the State Government.

Virtually all of them have had both Territorial and Municipal citizenship “conferred” upon them albeit without their knowledge or consent, and are thus Dual Citizens already — unable to meet the requirement and give singular allegiance to their State until and unless they thoroughly rebut both Territorial and Municipal citizenship.

There seems to be honest confusion on the part of MGJA members between “these United States” and “those United States”.

When Americans say that they are ‘United States citizens’ they mean that they are citizens of one of the republican soil jurisdiction states that are members of The United States, our union of republican states. They don’t mean to imply that they are working for the Territorial United States as United States Citizens, nor do they mean to imply that they are Citizens of the United States —- but obviously, when Americans use this phrase “US citizen” it can be interpreted in a number of ways.

This results in vast confusion. It also results in vast opportunities for identity theft and fraud, because when Americans innocently say they are “US citizens” it is left up to interpretation WHICH “United States” they are referencing—-you can see how this semantic confusion has been used to politically scavenge our people.

Anyway, the people running the Michigan General Jural Assembly have resisted the necessity of correcting their own political status and making it clear that they are acting exclusively as American State Citizens — that is, as one of the People — and without this “singular allegiance” being plainly executed, adopted, and on the public record for each one of the Jural Assembly Members, it’s not possible for them to act in the capacity of “one of the People” and it is not possible for their assembly to act as a Body Politic for their actual State.

All their work is invalidated for failure to clearly and unequivocally declare their political status as American State Citizens with no other citizenship obligations.

Our Forefathers did this to prevent conflicts of interest. They did not intend that people holding Dual Citizenship of any kind would be empowered to make decisions affecting our land and soil.

So, that is the first Strike Out for the Michigan General Jural Assembly having the correct capacity and standing. I explained all this as best I could, and they still refused to correct and do the paperwork. So…..

(2) Number Two Strike Out — this is not an absolute bar against them like the first circumstance is, but it does seem to indicate a dishonorable and conscious desire to Rip Off the People of Michigan. The Michigan General Jural Assembly created a “Settlor Agreement” naming themselves as the “Settlors” of the ESTATES of their fellow-Michiganers and of Michigan, the actual land and soil jurisdiction State of the Union.

The only Lawful Settlement possible is to return the property assets to Michigan and its National Trust and to the individual Lawful Persons owed that National Trust. Thanks to all the confusion about who is who and in what capacity are all these people acting and intending to act, the only way for us to cut through this conundrum is for those of us who are aware and are acting in the correct capacity to serve as Fiduciaries for our States— not Settlors.

As Fiduciaries we function under The Prudent Man Rule and are obligated to care for and defend the assets of our States and the People of our States. We can receive back the assets of the Michigan National Trust as Fiduciary Trustees pending a broad spectrum effort to educate the people of Michigan about these issues and the choices set before them prior to calling for elections in which each Michiganer makes an informed choice about their political status and assets.

Otherwise, what happens is that this little group of people dba the “Michigan General Jural Assembly” becomes an oligarchy that “owns” all of Michigan and has the right of disposal of all the assets of Michigan and the People of Michigan, too. All right, title, and interest in Michigan property assets both public and private reverts just to them and not back to the State and not back to the rest of the People (if the members of MGJA were operating as “People” to begin with).

So, in order to assure a peaceful and fair transition, what we need are State Fiduciaries, not Settlors.

The State Fiduciaries need to be straight shooters committed to the well-being of everyone involved, honest, and willing to be held to public account for their actions as one of the People of Michigan acting in a Fiduciary capacity for Michigan and the other People of Michigan. Not a bunch of schemers intent on stealing the assets of the State and People, which is, unfortunately, what the Michigan General Jural Assembly looks like thanks to their “offer” to act as Settlors and refusal to act as “People of Michigan”.

The Europeans seem to have the idea that because the original “State of Michigan” doing business as “The State of Michigan” was destroyed and then mothballed into a separate State Trust as the “Michigan State” –that our State Government was destroyed. Such is not the case. The State of Michigan was a Federal Contractor, not the actual State.

Nonetheless, the Great Double Jubilee is here, and all property must return to the proper and actual owners, free and clear of debt—- and rightful owners and inheritors of Michigan and the Michigan State Trust are present and functioning as Lawful Persons occupying the land jurisdiction of Michigan and are operating properly as Fiduciaries.

The Michigan State Assembly has been summoned, the members have withdrawn from any presumed Dual citizenship, and stand in their capacity as the People of Michigan. Once this is all sorted out and everyone is on the same page, elections will be called and the People of Michigan acting as an Electoral Assembly will hold Public Elections and act as the Settlors of their own State’s National Trust. Everyone will receive back their own private estates to settle the private property assets, too.

This is what Justice and Peace demands —- not another little oligarchy of foreign mercenaries sneaking in the back door like the Committee of 300 and doing whatever they please.

Make no mistake — Michigan belongs to the People who live there. Nobody else has any right to meddle or interfere. The position of The United States of America [Unincorporated] as a Federation of the actual States is clear— we are here to defend the interests of our member States in the international forum and they are here to defend the interests of their People and the People of each State are here to defend their own interests and the interests of their beloved State.

The Michigan State Assembly is functioning in the correct capacities — as People of Michigan and as Fiduciaries for Michigan until the education effort is made and the elections called. The Michigan General Jural Assembly is not.

Please also note that the People of each State are the civilians in this country and our respective State Governments are the civilian government “of the People, for the People, and by the People” to which the military forces owe their allegiance. Please also note that the People and their actual physically defined States are the Parties to the Constitutions. Without us, there is nobody “holding the other end of the string”— and the Constitutions are vacated for lack of competent Parties surviving to uphold and enforce these agreements.

If you guys take your oath to defend the Constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic seriously— and I know you do! —-then please wake everyone up and realize that without Americans acting as “People” there can be no Constitution in effect. This surreptitious “de-population” of our States and conversion of our People into a “foreign citizenry” is the single greatest threat to the Constitutions in our history.


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