For All the Jural Assemblies – 56 | The United States of America

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

For All the Jural Assemblies – 56 | The United States of America

The United States of America that we all think of when we hear the words is an unincorporated Holding Company formed September 9, 1776.

A Holding Company holds whatever is placed in its care, and in this case, the individual soil jurisdiction states that were holding all our national powers, placed (“vested”) their international powers in The United States of America.

[Remember throughout that we are talking here about the unincorporated version created by the Americans in 1776—-not to be confused with the British-controlled Territorial United States doing business as “the” United States of America beginning in 1789.]

Thus The United States of America owes its existence and function to The United States, the Union of soil-jurisdiction republican states that holds all the empowerment of the national government for each “State of the Union”.

If you remember from earlier discussions, the word “of” usually denotes a separation as in “apart from, besides, or in addition to”, but may also mean “belonging to”. In this case, “States of the Union” literally means “States belonging to the Union”.

Using the Roman Civil Nomenclature to better demonstrate this principle visually: Kentucky (the international State) belongs to kentucky (the national-level republican state) from which all powers flow. The actual power of the nation-state is vested in the people of kentucky and then flows from them to their counties and to their “national states” to their Union of States known simply as The United States.

Instead of calling the international States the “States of the Union” we could just as well called them the States of The United States.

So there are in effect two “unions” of “states” involved here from the get-go, one is actually called a Union, dba “The United States”, and its members are all national-level republican soil jurisdiction states.

The next step removed from this fundamental Union of soil jurisdiction states is a Federation of States known as The United States of America, a Holding Company, whose members are all States like Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, etc.

Finally, in 1781, five years after The United States of America was formed, another kind of “union” appeared — the States of America, a Confederation of States of States, belonging to the States.

So the national-level republican soil jurisdiction states formed The United States, and then each of the national-level republican soil-jurisdiction states delegated their international powers to their own States, and those States formed another union of States, called a “Federation of States” to operate in their mutual behalf in international jurisdictions: The United States of America.

Then, to be able to operate in the global jurisdiction of the air, the realm of commerce, the member States of The United States of America spun off commercial corporations called “States of States” to conduct commercial business for them, and these “Confederate States” formed another union called the States of America.

Those of you who have been following along will recognize that this follows the same progression of abstraction we’ve observed regarding your own names and functions, only on a much larger scale: the Living Soul gives rise to the Lawful Person, the Lawful Person can then “cross the bar” in international jurisdiction and function as a Legal Person if need be, and then, if required, can spin off a commercial PERSON to do business in Commerce—that is, business between two incorporated entities.

Translating that to the scale of states— the Living Souls (republican states/people) and their Union (The United States) give rise to the Lawful Persons called “States” (on the land) and Legal Persons (on the sea) (international States/People) and their Federation of States (The United States of America) and they, the Federation States then chartered States of States to form a Confederation (the States of America) of Legal PERSONS to operate in the realm of global Commerce.

All of this structure is necessitated by the Law of Kinds, which mandates that we cannot cross certain boundaries of nature and kind — an incorporated non-living entity cannot contract with a living man, for example. Thus, this complex web of capacities and “persons” to operate in those capacities has been adopted worldwide as a means for us to conduct business.

You will note again that in the international jurisdiction occupied by the People and States and The United States of America, there is an interface called “the Bar” or the “corporate veil” that can be “crossed over”. Your Lawful Person on the land can cross over and function as a Legal Person on the sea. In the same way, your State can function either on land or sea, and The United States of America, their Federation of States, can do the same — acting as a Lawful Person on the land and a Legal Person on the sea.

At the Living Soul level analogous to the republican soil jurisdiction nation-state level of The United States, very little business is conducted, and business there is tends to be very fundamental — questions like “What is our official national language going to be?” — get sorted out at the level of The United States.

At the Lawful Person/Legal Person level of The United States of America and the Federation States, a great deal more business occurs, as this is the realm of International Trade on both land and sea. This is where Connecticut (and John Doe, Carrot Farmer) sells carrots to Rhode Island (and Melvin Stone, Produce Manager).

In recent years more and more business activity has shifted into the realm of global Commerce, where our “missing” American States of States are supposed to be functioning — and aren’t.

You will remember from the discussion above that The United States of America belongs to The United States, and in the same way, the States of America belongs to The United States of America. That is, each republican soil jurisdiction state gives rise to each State and each State gives rise to its own State of State, like a set of nesting dolls expanding outward from The United States to The United States of America to the States of America, which is supposed to be conducting our business in the realm of global Commerce.

Looked at another way, the Union gives rise to the Federation which gives rise to the Confederation.

The States of States of the Confederation are the entities that participated in The American Civil War, and which were either subjected to ruination in the South, or bankrupted in the North, and which have been awaiting “Reconstruction” for the past 150 years.

Nobody can reconstruct them but the People of the States.

Please stop and really look at this one sentence directly above, for it explains the entire circumstance we face.

Thus it is, that in order to Reconstruct the Confederation and its States of States, we have to summon the States and People of The United States of America to do the work.

Those who do the work have to be functioning in the correct capacity as American State Citizens– that is, as the People of each State.

United States (Territorial) Citizens can’t do it for us, and neither can Municipal Citizens of the United States.

And this is why — above and beyond everything else that mandates it — the People of the States must wake up, must reclaim their identity as Lawful Persons, and “return” to the land and soil of their birthright to conduct this long overdue business.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] still exists, still functions, still has Officers. Our “Ship of State” is old, but it can still sail the Seven Seas. Likewise, People have awakened in every State, and undertaken the process of reclaiming their Lawful Persons and their birthrights. They stand as place-holders for all the rest of the American State Citizens who are returning and who will return once the actual condition of our country is fully understood.

Meantime, The United States of America kicked into gear in 2015, re-issued its Sovereign Letters Patent, and began the process of reclaiming and placing liens on all the property assets owed to the States and the People, including the State Trusts (Ohio State, Washington State, etc.) which the Territorial States of States have been managing “for” us.

We are not “missing, presumed dead” and our assets are not “abandoned”. In fact, all our assets are reclaimed and have been returned to The United States, and The United States has re-issued the International Powers back to The United States of America.

Think of this process like grounding an electrical circuit. It all came from the republican soil jurisdiction states and the people, so everything that has been “extended” and “invested” and “leased” had to return to these states and people, the ultimate owners and beneficiaries of their estates.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] works as a faithful conduit to return everything to the actual people of this country, and is the rightful holder of all their international powers, except to the extent that the Constitutions are honored and upheld by all Parties.

The Federation of States, The United States of America [Unincorporated], has summoned the People of each State to Assemble. To act in this birthright capacity, it is necessary for each one of you to correct your political status records which have you identified as Dual Citizens of the Municipal United States (Citizens of the United States) and Territorial United States (United States Citizens) instead of being listed as American State Citizens.

As noted above, the People of the States occupying the international jurisdiction owed to this country are the only ones who can re-charter the American Federal States of States and finish the Reconstruction of our Federal Government. Neither the Territorial United States Citizens nor the Municipal Citizens of the United States can do the job.

It’s your job, your States, your Country, your assets, your treaties, and your international commercial service contracts that need your attention, and this is why you have been called to: (1) repatriate to your original political status; (2) expatriate from any presumed US Citizenship; (3) assemble your State of the Union.

It’s all up to you, your State, and your Federation of States, The United States of America [Unincorporated].


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