All The Reasons Why

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

All The Reasons Why

The urgent reason to assemble the States is that only the States can “charter” new Federal States of States and restore the rightful and fully functioning Federal Branch of the Federal Government. The reason we need to do this is that leaving the Reconstruction dangling and unfinished has harmed our whole country for 150 years and provided a means and an excuse for other governments to meddle in our affairs.

The republican states (State Republics) are formed by Declaration.
The States are formed by Compact.
The Federal States of States are formed by State-Issued Sovereign Patents
Territorial States of States are formed by State-Issued Charters
Municipal STATES OF STATES are formed by State-Issued Articles of Incorporation

Sovereign Patents and Articles of Incorporation may also be called “charters” in common parlance because they fulfill the same function as Charters—just in different jurisdictions. So when you are tasked to “bring forward your charters” it means to bring forward your State’s Sovereign Patents, Charters, and Articles of Incorporation so they can be reviewed, updated, and in the case of the Federal States of States, reconstructed and re-issued.

Not every State will be able to locate these records, and some States never had any records of this nature to begin with, so new entities will have to be created; for those States that do have access to records of old charters—meaning sovereign patents, territorial charters, and any articles of incorporation, these records can serve as the basis of re-issued charters or serve as templates for newer States to build upon.

The reason we do the paperwork and record it is to create evidence demonstrating our choice of political status on the Public Record.

On the level of our own lives, the recorded paperwork serves to restore our access to the constitutional guarantees we are owed and serves to protect us from being misidentified and harassed under false legal presumptions.

On the level of our State Assemblies, having our paperwork independently verified (the work Teri and Jocelyne are doing) creates evidence that our State Assembly is properly populated and operated by People owing singular allegiance to their State —- that is, by State Citizens, who are the only Lawful Persons authorized to convene a State Assembly.

Obviously, if we are not ourselves operating in the right capacity to form a State Assembly our actions as State Assembly Members are invalidated and anything we attempt to do without “standing” to do it, is also invalidated.

This has been a stumbling block and obstacle to patriot efforts for decades. People didn’t know that they were laboring under false presumptions of foreign citizenship obligations that prevented them from acting as “We, the People”. Now that we do know and we are able to rebut these false presumptions, those who created these presumptions and who profited from them for many years, oppose us and seek to discredit us at every turn.

Nailing down the paperwork for every Assembly Member and having it independently verified establishes the evidence that our State Assemblies are genuine, functional, properly populated and lawfully empowered. We have standing so our Assemblies have standing. Membership in our State Assemblies then also bulwarks our own claim to be— and to be acting in— the capacity of an American State National or American State Citizen.

As one of the People we are then empowered to enforce the Constitutions and to operate our States of the Union and nobody can claim that we don’t have standing and authority to do what we are doing and nobody can complain that we are not abiding by the Constitutions or not obeying the Public Law or not fulfilling our obligation to Self-Govern.

Those of us running The American States Assembly have done our homework. We know what we are up against and what has to be done. It’s fair to ask questions of us and better to ask than to run off and make wrong assumptions and mistakes based on those assumptions. The ground we stand upon is solid, but there are plenty of land mines and false pathways when going through The Swamp, plus Undeclared British Agents and DOD Agents, too.

Those who are sincere and interested in learning have many opportunities to do so. I have written almost 2,000 articles and half a dozen books, have recommended numerous other authors and teachers, given copious citations from court cases and public records for everyone to read, have a weekly answer-questions talk show, and a weekly Coordinators call — but you want me to do more, more, more. Now I need to provide you with the detailed structure of how to set up your Assembly and detailed instructions on how to set up your County Government and educational materials to pass out to your Assembly Members and, and, and…. ? There’s no “One Size Fits All” answer to what you are asking for.

The American States Assembly is setting basic framework and benchmarks to ensure that the State Assemblies are correctly populated and that the Assembly Members are protected. We are ensuring that all the Assemblies associated with us have secure standing to operate and are operating as valid State Assemblies, not State of State organizations pretending to be State Assemblies. We are doing our best to help individual State Assemblies to research and understand legal and lawful aspects of their own State history and also helping them to understand the structure of the American Government they are heir to. We are also doing our best to fend off the enemies of this process so that the work the Assemblies are doing is not in vain and not rendered ineffectual by lack of standing or failure to meet other lawful requirements that apply to all State Assemblies across the board. That is about all we can hope to do.

Every State and every County is different. That’s what drives the Bar Association crazy. They want one, single, well-oiled machine from sea to shining sea, where everything is the same and organized the same way and we are all reduced to nice little Borg-like automatons—- but that is contrary to life and the organic growth of living beings and denies the free will and character of the People of each State of the Union. Such a vision of “uniformity” is also contrary to the principals of Self-Governance.

Just as you are unique and the members of your Assembly are unique, your organic State of the Union and its Governance is unique. That’s the way it is, and the way it has to be by Nature, and in Justice.

If you are looking for a Model to use in setting up the local government structures that is in accord with Self-Governance and with the principles adopted by our Forefathers, we are lucky that a similar endeavor embarked upon at nearly the same time, took root and bore fruit. The kind of government we are supposed to have at the local and county level was/is similar to the current government of the Swiss Cantons.

Our forefathers envisioned a close-knit community of people in each county talking to each other freely at regular public meetings, taking direct lawful action in their own local interest, and taking responsibility for their own defense, disaster preparedness, monetary policies and banks, environmental care-taking, courts and everything else. Rural areas were supposed to be run as counties with County Councils and metropolitan areas as neighborhoods with Neighborhood Councils. These small scale groups were to hold the ultimate power over and responsibility for the land within their borders. Their local Sheriff is supposed to be the highest ranking elected Peacekeeping Official (within the borders of their county or neighborhood) bar none. Nobody — not the Governor, not the President — is supposed to outrank him. Similarly, their local courts and jury pools held the power of Jury Nullification — they could strike down any law or statute that the jury members found repugnant.

In this way, the people at the Republican state (State Republic/Republic of State) level kept control of their own lives and provided their own government. On this firm basis, then, the counties formed the State for the purpose of international trade and interaction with the other States and Nations of the world. Our entire in-State government is supposed to function from the bottom up, while the Federal Government is designed to function from the top down.

I suggest that everyone think very deeply about this and study the pros and cons and look into the experience of the Swiss Canton governments when looking for a model to restore local and county and State Government to what it is supposed to be in this country. Self-governance is not easy work, but there are models of what our Forefathers wished for us, still alive and well and functioning in the world. Let’s look at what the Swiss experience has been and adapt our own system in light of what they have already learned and solved.

That’s my recommendation, for what my opinion and research into the subject has been.

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