Big Apology. Big.

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Big Apology. Big.

It never occurred to me that anyone would think that my comments in the article “The Golden Goose Speaks About Donations” were about Jocelyne, about, or about Max’s work translating my paperwork into Mac-docs.

I most emphatically was NOT referring to them at all. Obviously, they are making my paperwork available to people and in the same basic form and with the same meaning as I intended and they are presenting the whole range of information and documentation, too. That is a very different thing than what I was talking about and thinking about. is (was?) a Do-It-Yourself site to help people help themselves, and never charged anyone for access to my information.

That is a far cry from the kind of operation that I was describing in my article, where some people are taking my documents and “repackaging” what they received for free, and are reselling the information for money as various kinds of “Freedom Packages” and using my name to sell it, without consulting with me, without being responsible about how the information is presented, and often leaving it incomplete, or combining it haphazardly with other documents and processes from other sources.

Nearly every week I get a call from someone who bought a package from somebody I never heard of for a large sum of money, and they are disappointed for some reason or other, or don’t understand something about what they are reading, or even worse, they are in deep trouble with some kind of legal fight or issue, and after paying $3,500 for “my” package, I am left standing there wondering what they are talking about, trying to sort through whatever their problem is, and more likely than not, delving through the verbiage of legal documents I’ve never seen before because it was included in “my” package.

Of course, it’s not really “my” package at all. It’s someone else infringing on my copyright to enrich themselves without regard for the people they are selling these packages to, and by the time the victims get back to me, all I can do is try to help them on the fly.

None of that applies to any of the work Jocelyne has done, nor to any of the work Max has done. They have both been wonderful and devoted and diligent and I am deeply in their debt. They have not been guilty of any of this bad behavior. Any idea that I was attacking Jocelyne or her website or Max, either, in that article is completely wrong. They’ve stood behind me and I have stood behind them.

This afternoon I started getting angry notes about “attacking Jocelyne” and people all upset with me. I was bewildered, but now, I can see why — if you thought the Golden Goose article was talking about — but it’s not and it wasn’t. I was addressing a completely different sort of operation entirely, so much so, that it never even occurred me that anyone would think it was about Max or Jocelyne, neither one of whom have ever sold “packages” of the kind I described.

So, my sincerest apologies to Jocelyne, to Max, and to everyone who felt hurt and outraged in their behalf. My comments truly were not addressed to them nor about them at all. And I do want to say a big public “Thank You!” to both of them.

This is a hard road and it’s difficult to explain it to people–what the paperwork is about and why it is necessary. Jocelyne, especially, cut through it like a knife, gave clarity to it, and was able to blaze a trail for many, many grateful people. If she decides to pull the plug after this, we can’t blame her. The website has been a lot of extra work for her and more than she bargained for, when she launched it just out of the good of her heart and desire to help other Americans get through the hoops and re-find their freedom.

People like Max and Jocelyne don’t live in the same space in my brain as the weasel opportunists I was describing in The Golden Goose Speaks About Donations, so you will have to forgive me for so completely missing the connection that other people were mistakenly making.

I also want to make a brief comment about the work the unofficial screening and validating committee has been doing and why they have been asking the other assemblies, especially the Coordinators, to send copies of their recorded documents.

Some people have had objections because they feel that it is a private matter and that their Assemblies are under no obligation to provide such information to any other group or source outside their own Inner Circle. I can understand that feeling and their concerns. Technically, it is no longer private information once it is recorded, but our request for black and white copies or scanned copies does deserve some explanation.

When we make our declarations and record out paperwork, we reclaim our political status as one of the People of this country, and the People are owed all the resources and abundance of their States. We also reclaim our standing as Lawful Persons, competent to enforce the Constitutions, and run our own courts and our own State and County governments. This is momentous stuff.

As we regain our lawful standing our State Assemblies also regain their lawful standing, and that is important because the two things back each other up. Your membership in your State Assembly validates your political status and vice versa.

Having other Witnesses outside your own State Assembly affirm that you have done the work and made the claim and “returned home” provides a Second Witness validation for you and for your Assembly, too.

It also helps us make sure that everyone in positions of leadership in our State Assemblies is fully committed to and content to make a singular citizenship commitment to their State, as the Federal Constitutions and State Compacts require.

We do this to bulwark the legitimacy of our State Assemblies and all the work they do, to prove compliance with the Constitutions, and to make sure that the Assembly Leadership of each State is protected from false accusations and attacks. Having your paperwork validated by Second Witnesses helps accomplish all of this in one step, so I hope that you will all understand the reasons for it and support the effort.


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