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The Plot Thickens

   by Anna von Reitz The Plot Thickens It seems like every day more twists and turns surface, especially recent history looks like a stockpot full of spaghetti. You will recall that the gold FDR illegally confiscated from Americans by … Continue reading

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Public Declaration of My Collective Entity

   by Anna von Reitz Public Declaration of My Collective Entity A great many innocent people have suffered identity theft and been pillaged and plundered under what the Courts call “The Collective Entity Doctrine”. This bit of drivel holds that … Continue reading

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Santos Bonacci | The Uncensored Story of His Trial

The federal reserve system is completely fraudulent *WE HAVE BEEN COLLATERALIZED* your birth certificate is a BOND that the federal reserve system uses to create its own fiat currency. *THERE IS MORE MONEY IN YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE THAN YOU WOULD … Continue reading

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