Public Declaration of My Collective Entity

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Public Declaration of My Collective Entity

A great many innocent people have suffered identity theft and been pillaged and plundered under what the Courts call “The Collective Entity Doctrine”. This bit of drivel holds that your Legal Person and any commercial or private corporations operating in your NAME, are essentially one-in-the-same, albeit under different ownership, different control, operating under different law, and under different jurisdictions — and all without your knowledge or consent— and that you are responsible for all these fictitious entities and their debts.


This is how and why the smug little snot-nosed Bar Attorneys will swear up and down that there “is no difference” between Tom Allen Jones (a British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust) and TOM ALLEN JONES (a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust) and TOM A. JONES (a bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility Franchise) and TOM JONES (a co-beneficiary of a Municipal Public Charitable Trust)….. and if you believe that, you are a sick, blind Wonky Donkey with dementia, but this is, nonetheless, the “policy” of the Court System and the courts.

Whenever you hear the word, “System”—- think of Rudy Padino, Bookie Extraordinaire, down in the bowels of some old Italian restaurant in New York, smoking a cigar and talking about “the System….. the System….”

Well, welcome to the “American” Court System.

There’s just one thing to say about this and that is, that what is sauce for the Goose, is sauce for the @#$%@%, too.

So, here I publish and give Public Notice of My Collective Entity:

When addressing me, you are addressing a Wisconsinite, and not any kind of US Citizen.

When addressing a Wisconsinite, you are addressing Wisconsin, the actual, factual State.

When addressing Wisconsin, you are addressing a Compact State and member State of The United States of America — the actual unincorporated Federation of States formed September 9, 1776.

And when you are addressing The United States of America, you are addressing the Delegator and Source of all Delegated Powers of the States of the Union that were ever bequeathed to the Queen or the Pope or any agency, organization, court, or individual acting under their authority as an inhabitant on our shores to exercise in our behalf for the purpose of providing us with Good Faith Service.

[When their Municipal or Territorial Courts dry-dock on our land, and we are properly declared and functioning in our birthright capacity as one of the People of the Land and for our State of the Union, those dusty old Constitutions shove into view again and the actual duties of all these Courts and all these COURTS and of all these Court Officials and MUNICIPAL OFFICERS becomes very, very clear.]

I am part of Wisconsin and Wisconsin is part of me; Wisconsin is part of the Federation of States known as The United States of America formed September 9th, 1776, and The United States of America is part of Wisconsin — and there’s my “Collective Entity”.

May all those who are part of “the System” from here to Washington, DC, take Notice, and also take Notice that the same basic associations that create my Collective Entity also create the Collective Entities of every other American who reclaims their birthright political standing.


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