The Existential Problem

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

The Existential Problem

People often ask me — how did all this get started?

My mind reels. Adam and Eve, I think gloomily. But it is nothing so poetic.

It’s just the facts of our life cycle. It takes a long time to produce a fully functioning, educated, morally and emotionally sound, intellectually complete man or woman, and a lot of hard work, time, money, and effort to produce this result.

Then, there are those who — one way or another — are hurt, damaged, unable to function and support themselves. They need care, therapy, assistance of all kinds, too.

Finally, we have the seniors, who after working all their lives, are suffering the pains and problems of old age. Eventually, if we live long enough, we all need help just to get out of bed and eat and get to the bathroom and do our laundry and all the most mundane things.

This is the reality. The ‘burden” of the young, the old, the sick, the crippled, the mentally ill, the addicted, and everyone else who simply cannot or will not contribute, is all resting on those of us who are able to work and care and think and contribute, and that slice of the population — about 35% of us — has to pay for and carry all the rest.

That is the existential problem.

This is what the Church has struggled with for centuries. How do you get people to do the right thing?

Left to themselves, people are mostly too selfish to provide enough money to feed and clothe and care for and educate orphaned children and abandoned elderly, too busy working for their own benefit and survival to take on the extra load of the sick and mentally ill, the victims of accident and those who have incapacitated themselves with drugs and other addictions.

Above and beyond this reality, there is the constant need to build and maintain infrastructure — roads and communications and ports and all the rest of the physical structure and service delivery systems that make life pleasant and business possible.

So — how to take care of people who need help, which is the duty of any decent culture, while at the same time building, expanding, and maintaining infrastructure and service systems?

It’s a tall order.

For centuries the Church attempted to do this via voluntary collections and donations and “tithes” which are essentially taxes on parishioners, and also added in the volunteer work of the clergy and members of churches who contributed their time and labor and expertise for free.

But now it’s time to rethink everything that has gone before.

The corporations of this world owe the people of this world, and it’s payback time. The stellar operating feature of the Corporate Feudalism we have suffered is the amassing of gigantic Slush Funds that generate large amounts of profit and which allow for coercive control of commerce.

So, why not re-task these Slush Funds to earn money to pay for all the existential needs we have — set the people free and let the corporations be the slaves? Lift the burden off our shoulders and let the earnings of these already amassed Slush Funds go to new purposes? Existential purposes.


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