Gossip and Dangers in Common

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Gossip and Dangers in Common

Gossipers all seem to think that gossiping does not affect them — but gossip does taint those who gossip just as it taints those they gossip about.

So, please, if you have been flapping your jaws and making assumptions, stop all the he-said, she-said, did-you-hear?

There’s nothing bad going on and nothing to gossip about.

We are simply switching gears from second to third, and making it easier than ever for people to do their paperwork and create their land jurisdiction records and contact their State Assembly via TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net website.

We are also cutting down on all the verification work, too, because it can all be done and verified as part of one online process.

It’s all a good change, and everyone is helping to make it happen.

What you have to be concerned about is what you were born with — your birthright as an American. It’s up to you to claim it or not.

The rest of us have brought forward the fact that 90% of Americans (or more) have been misidentified as US Citizens and are being denied their property rights and constitutional guarantees as a result.

We have provided the means to correct this situation and allow millions of people to enjoy the freedom and the prosperity they deserve— for FREE.

As long as you do this in a peaceful and orderly fashion, nobody on Earth can complain, because all you are doing is reclaiming something that is already yours — your Good Name and Estate.

Having reclaimed your birthright political status on the Public Record, you are again operating as a Lawful Person, standing on the international land jurisdiction of your State of the Union. You are again owed all the constitutional guarantees. You are free to boot up your State Assembly.

As long as you do this in order, by first correcting your own political status records and then assembling your State, nobody on Earth can complain about that, either.

The danger comes when people go off half-cocked and try to assemble their States before they have corrected their own records, because it is literally against the Constitutions for US Citizens to pretend to assemble a State of the Union, and also against the Constitutions for a State to act as a State of State.

The first fact means that if the President gets grumpy, he can order all those US Citizens engaged in groups like RuSA and T-ROH and the REPUBLIC, etc., to be arrested and charged as insurrectionists acting in conspiracy against the Constitutions, which is a very serious charge.

Now I don’t want good people to be endangered and I don’t want those who are doing this the right way confused with those who are doing it the wrong way.

And I don’t want foreign “States of States” substituted for American States of States. Britain pulled that trick on us in 1868 and it has been repeated several times since—- always to the detriment of this country.

Enough is enough of that, too.

We are engaged in very serious business here. We are restoring a fully functioning American Government for the first time in 150 years.

A great many people have made huge sacrifices to gain the knowledge and share it with you and enable you to act upon it for yourselves. Do so. They have done all this for free — never charged you a penny. Be grateful.

Do it the right way, be diligent, stay in your lane, and everything will all work out fine for everyone concerned. Even the US Citizens.


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