Enough, Arizona

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Enough, Arizona

If the people in the Arizona Assembly can’t get this job done without having cliques of volunteers bad-mouthing other cliques of volunteers and accusing me of taking down the PaperUpNow website—- go away.

Just admit that you are all too immature to get the job that needs to be done, done.

This is serious business. It needs serious commitment and level heads. If you can’t provide both, stay home.

Those that are committed to restoring a proper government for Arizona and a better future for America will soldier on.

And just like Rhett said to Scarlett— “Frankly, my dear….”

Arizona is your home, your State, your homes and families are there.

If you don’t care enough to protect your own and do the right thing by each other, I sure as blazes am not coming all the way down there to nursemaid or coerce you, either one.


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