For Kevin Cote—

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

For Kevin Cote—

Let’s make this perfectly clear to you, Kevin, and everyone else: Jocelyne owns She put it up and she took it down and that is her decision.

I didn’t “take” anything away from her. I didn’t tell her to shut it down. And I certainly didn’t profit from her work and leave her without compensation, as you imply.

She hasn’t talked to me about selling the website.

I asked her politely, as an adult to an adult, to reconsider her decision because I believe she has a mission and that mission isn’t going to happen if she lets gossip and the stupidity of others get in her way.

If she is upset and angry about her own decisions, as you say— without any proof—- who else is to blame?

Not me, Bubba.

You, Kevin, are always stirring the pot. You did the same thing with Tressa Heywood. You don’t like strong women who are competent. You undermine them every chance you get.

And here you are, trying to undermine Jocelyne and me, both at once.

You may think that this isn’t being noticed and recognized for what it is, but think again.

This isn’t my first time at the rodeo. I watched you spread poison through the Continental Marshals program, too. Same MO.

Since when has anyone ever had any trouble getting me to “respond”—???? Exactly what “facts” am I supposed to have ignored? And how have I twisted anything around?

You certainly have cause to know that Jocelyne both owns and controls that website. But here you are, twisting and turning, stirring the pot, giving people false information. Deliberately.

I am not a member of the Arizona Assembly and not likely to be one anytime soon.

So I suggest that you all put on your Big Girl and Big Boy pants and deal with your own internal bad behavior, sort it out, and get on the road toward something positive. Soon.

The rest of the Assemblies are moving forward and if Arizona doesn’t get moving, it’s not going to be ready to move forward with the rest of the States.


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