Professional Disruptors

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Professional Disruptors

I found out that Kevin Cote joined the Arizona Assembly. So far he has created similar trouble in Georgia with the Continental Marshals, in Utah with the Militia, in Florida with the Assembly, and now this.

His sidekick is a big, blustery guy who comes on as very patriotic and always skating the edge with skirmishes with the law. He never keeps the same name, but he keeps appearing like a character in a play. I have reason to think that “Nate” is also known as Jim Garinger and as Michael R. Hamilton– the Svengali responsible for the Colorado Nine going off-track.

The Modus Operandi is always the same— introduce False Narratives and collect information and form little cliques based on “concerns” promoted by the False Narratives.

Pretty soon everyone is looking over their back and doesn’t know what to think or who to trust.

In Georgia, Kevin and his pal accused Chief Marshal Heywood of petty theft, and even though she kept excellent records and fully accounted for the circumstance, Kevin and his Pal wouldn’t give up their False Narrative. They continued to harp on this completely petty and mistaken “concern” until the entire local organization was in an uproar over nothing.

And here we are again.

I don’t know who these guys really are but this is the fourth time they have come in and harmed our organizations and caused exactly this kind of disruption.

Likewise, I don’t know “for sure” who they are working for, either. Could be old DOD hacks, could be some other species of Federal Agent– which is most likely, or they could be working for someone like George Soros. Someone with deep pockets is funding all their travel and relocation costs.

It doesn’t really matter who they are working for. What matters is that we all wise up and put a stop to their disruption of our work.

Anyone who has a photo of Kevin Cote, please send to me for posting in our Rogue’s Gallery. Also, since his Big Guy sidekick changes his name from Michael to Jim to James to Frank to….. if it is apparent by association with Kevin who I am talking about, and you have a photo of him, send it along.

From now on, Coordinators especially need to be aware of Kevin Cote and his Pal and alert me if they show up pretending to be from California next week.

There is also a shadowy woman involved in their little group of Disruptors. We don’t have much on her but if Kevin or What’s His Name has a wife –and you have a photo, send that one to me, too.

Four times, four States, four important efforts quashed. It’s time we reversed the score.

I am sorry they targeted PaperUpNow, but its predictable enough that they would.

If you suspect that your Assembly is being impacted by such Provocateurs, just look for the telltale signs:

1. Gossip

2. People raising “concerns” of a juvenile or petty nature

3. Using such “concerns” to spread doubt and mistrust of leadership figures or functions within the group

4. Miscommunication between working groups and members — for example, everyone but two people on an email list get an email, but two get dropped for no apparent reason

5. Paranoia and unnecessary talk about fear and danger

6. Petty or vague accusations of wrong-doing

7. Passive aggressive behavior — the people making these vague accusations hang back and won’t actually address the person they are accusing.

Example: a member moved across the State line four years ago and is now, legitimately, a Texan, even though they still have a business in Oklahoma where they receive some of their mail. People notice this and start asking questions among themselves instead of going directly to the man involved. Rumors fly. Completely unjust and unnecessary damage is done.

A normal State Assembly conducts its affairs in a mature and business-like way. There is no “cloak and dagger” atmosphere at all. Any questions are addressed in a forthright manner and resolved. A positive atmosphere and clear simple goals are maintained.

Right now, we are focused on educating people and helping them correct their political status records and getting ready to address economic issues— reclaiming property and credit we are owed, obtaining relief from foreign taxation, and similar matters of mutual concern.

We have thoroughly researched the history and the law and we are standing on solid ground. We are peaceful and determined to restore our lawful government and so long as we stay in our proper jurisdiction and act in our proper capacity, we have nothing to fear.

Please note that Professional Disruptors use “spoofing” to introduce false communications in support of their False Narratives. As a result, you might receive an email from “me” that I never sent and know nothing about, and vice versa.

This sets up a situation where you are responding back to me concerning an email I know nothing about, or vice versa, and the confusion factor goes up by a factor of ten.

In this most recent round, I received an email attachment that should have been a simple one-page sample letter. Closer examination revealed that it was a “scrolling document”– set up so that the same attachment could contain multiple variations of the same or different documents.

This is used in phishing scams to generate more leads but it can also be used to royally confuse communications, as one member of a group is working on Page A and another member is working on Page B and another is working on Page C. and nobody knows that they have all been given different documents, and so, are responding to different information.

This is more proof that the Arizona Assembly was targeted and it is best for everyone to be aware of what is going on and what to look for.

The most obvious “fruit” of Professional Disruptors is doubt and confusion and petty gossip. Instead of things being business-like and adult, you feel like you are back in Seventh Grade and Bobby just broke up with Suzie.

This has happened four times in four different States and the common factor is Kevin Cote.


I am happy to report that the Arizona Assembly has gotten back on track and is holding its regular meetings.

We are picking up the pieces of the most recent debacle and planning to have something better organized to expedite the whole status correction process to offer in the near future.

So. Adieu and farewell to this unfortunate chapter. We are sadder but wiser. If Kevin or his Pal or someone like them shows up in Nevada or California or Maine next week and starts causing trouble–you will know them by their “fruits”.


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