Kevin Cote’s Story

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

Kevin Cote’s Story

Shortly after I published about Kevin Cote, I got the following response from a reader in New York:

“I’m writing because I think you might be wrong about Kevin Cote ….

…. I live on Long Island in New York. Kevin Cote lived upstate New York with his wife and granddaughter ….

…..I think something bad happened to him because all of a sudden he was gone from FB and I asked that XXXXXXXX person if she knew what happened to him because I knew he and her had been communicating, and she told me his family had been threatened so he had to go into hiding and lay low to protect them.”

This is the classic story of how good men get entrapped and forced to serve the criminals. It nearly always happens this way. They get into some trouble with the legal system or their families are threatened, and they are forced/coerced and plea-bargained into serving as Snitches or worse.

Because they are good men to begin with and are being forced to serve as Tools, they still come across as good men. That’s what makes them believable and garners our sympathy.

It’s also what makes them dangerous. We trust them, because in the past, in better days, they were trustworthy. Now they are not.

This corruption of people is part of the corruption of the government and the banks and the churches and nearly everything else around us. To overcome it requires great courage and determination and not a little watchful discernment.

How is it possible that Kevin, a New Yorker, insinuated himself into State organizations in Florida, Georgia, Utah, and Arizona? How did he qualify or appear to qualify as an Arizonan? And get an insider seat on the Arizona State Assembly? Hmm?


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