Scriptural Defense Against Impersonation

anna-2  by Anna von Reitz

Scriptural Defense Against Impersonation

Yesterday, I unleashed quite a discussion about the causes of World War I and also discussion about the scriptural reasons why no truly Christian Monarch can go along with the British-Holy Roman Empire practice of enfranchising people and securitizing their living flesh and other assets as chattel property backing the debts of the British Crown and/or the Municipal Government run by Rome.

Begin with Ezra 7:23-26. Here you find the actual definition of “minister” and the prohibition of the mixed marriage of flesh with incorporated things.

This has happened before in the history of Mankind and resulted in the “adultery” of our identity as men and women, a condition known as the Great Abomination in scripture, and as the “Collective Entity Doctrine” in the current species of law being practiced in our courts.

The Collective Entity Doctrine makes bold to claim that there is no difference between the identity of a living man and the identity of a corporate thing and that we are responsible for the debts of corporations merely made up out of thin air and named after us —- all without our knowledge or consent.

Deuteronomy 1:17,10:17 stands against such impersonation…..
2nd Samuel 14:14 stands against such impersonation…..
Matthew 22:16 stands against such impersonation….
Acts 10:34 stands against such impersonation….
Romans 2:11 stands against such impersonation…..
James 2:9 stands against it and leaves no doubt that impersonation is a sin.

Impersonation is also a crime under the national law of every country we have researched. Nobody allows it, not even as a private contract. Peonage, whether voluntary or involuntary, has been internationally outlawed since 1926.

So, how is it that any Christian Monarch, any Jewish Rabbi, any Muslim Mullah is tolerating this gross lawlessness?

And what possible excuse does Elizabeth II or Pope Francis, either one, have for this situation?

It is possible that in the endless quest to profit themselves, these institutions and offices have been utterly overcome with greed and corruption. It is possible that these evils have crept in upon us so gradually and behind so many closed doors that even those practicing these evils — the governments and purveyors of the “law”—- are truthfully unaware of them.

Yet we, the living people of each country thus affected, suffer the consequences of being enslaved and held responsible for phantoms, legal fictions, and their odious debts, that we did not knowingly create or allow to function in this manner at all.

By no means on Heaven or Earth is the “securitization” of living flesh allowed, yet we have Cede and Company and the American Corporations Company spawning the DTTC on our shores and the DTTC issuing bonds against us and our “value” as if we were widgets on the factory shelf, and in Canada, we have self-interested cretins sponsoring legislation like the Canadian Ownership Control and Determination Act.

And it is all against the Biblical Law, the Public Law, the Treaties governing interactions between governments, and all the tripe offered by the United Nations. It is literally a matter not of what they say, but what they do.

While spouting all the platitudes about justice and freedom, they are running a de facto slave market in the back room, selling child labor contracts under The Miller Act, and running a lively business in the trading of souls based on Baptismal Certificates, which like Birth Certificates, are records of ownership interest.

Go to your incorporated Church and ask for your Baptismal Certificate. They will tell you that they don’t have it and don’t keep such records, which so far as it goes, is true. They ship them off for profit, and plump their bank accounts, based on the false claim that you agreed to entrust them with your soul—donated it as chattel backing their organization.

This pretense of “gifting” these organizations with our substance, even our souls, is repeated throughout this disgusting scam. When held to account, the perpetrators tell you that the STRAWMEN attached to you like parasites are “gifts”. When you look up the IRS Codes, you find that all your “voluntary” donations to the IRS are listed as “gift estate taxes”. They claim that you “gifted” your Earthly estate to them, or that your Mother gifted it to them.

Where is all this bushwah coming from?

The Secular Administration of the Roman Catholic Church, aka, the Holy Roman Empire, aka the Municipal Government of the United States, run by utterly corrupt and corrupting members of Congress— mostly Democrats — and ultimately, by the Pope and the Roman Curia.

When you press the perpetrators of this to the wall, they will point to the Inaugural Address of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, and they will try to convince you that his remarks created a valid contract with the American People, and that he merely took our voluntarily offered gifts for his “holy cause” and that the occupation of our country by Municipal Government Corporations was fully disclosed and allowed — but it wasn’t.

Not at all. We, the American States and People, weren’t even under any obligation to reply to FDR’s “offer”. Here’s why:

(1) FDR was consistently speaking of “a Nation” and “this Nation” throughout his Inaugural Speech, but each State is a nation, and at that time, the Territorial Government had “States of States” so the only entity operating that could speak of itself as “a Nation” was the Vatican’s Municipal Government: FDR’s Nation—the independent, international City-State of Washington, DC, and its Municipal Citizenry was being addressed throughout his Inaugural Address—- not us, not ours.

(2) He makes reference to “pledging” which is a feudal act, again, totally foreign to us or anything to do with the American States or People.

(3) He refers to a “trust reposed” in him— but by whom? Let’s step back a moment and look at what he was doing in the Inaugural Address: he was accepting the Office of President of the United States, that is, President of the Municipal Government being run as a commercial corporation, so it only makes logical sense that he was talking to the Citizens of the United States. Again, more proof that he was not addressing the general public, not talking to the American States or the American People.

(4) We could not possibly be part of FDR’s “consecrated Nation” and “Enemy Aliens” at the same time.

(5) We, Americans, our States of the Union, were provably, demonstrably, definitely, not operating in Commerce at that time; our commercial “Vessels” were all moth-balled and had been moth-balled since 1868. Therefore, any supposition that we, Americans, were even possibly under the Law Merchant— which is the only venue of the law that allows implied unilateral contracts— can’t be supported.

Neither, for that matter, can we be held to account under any interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause since 1868.

The King and the Pope came in here as our “Trustees” in 1868 and moth-balled our Federal States of States “for” us pending “reconstruction” and then just forgot to tell us all the details, just like they forgot to tell us how we could obtain the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges and Exemptions we are owed under their 1933 scheme.

Having removed our commercial “vehicles” from service, they willfully substituted their own, and they are 100% responsible for all of them and for all the misery and rot they have caused from 1868 onward.

And as for FDR, as we have seen, the only “citizenry” addressed in his 1933 Inaugural Address, were the Citizens of the United States. We had no reason to reply to his offer and no obligation to do so, either.

What has gone on here is naked extortion, racketeering under color of law, and utter lawlessness in contravention of the scripture and the Public Law.

No Christian Monarch, no Jewish leader, no Muslim leader, can suffer this with a straight face, and as for the Pope(s) and the Queen — they need to be: (1) providing modern access to our National Credit and all our Exemptions; and (2) returning our land jurisdiction assets to our lawful administration without further obstruction or excuse.

The United States of America — the actual Federation of States — is alive and well and operating and we do not appreciate the continued false pretenses being offered against our lawful claim to the land and soil of our own country. We have renewed and in the public addressed our claim to all right, title, and interest associated with our States and People since September 9, 1776, and those claims, liens, and notices are cured upon the public international record since 2011.

See the final re-conveyance of authority from the Receiver, The United States, to the Agent, The United States of America, and all the associated liens and notices issued upon the Recording District 311, 2019-008503-0 and UCC Central Unit 500.

Those who have entertained the Great Abomination need to be held to account by the world community and suitable correction is required, returning to the American States and People the National Credit, the exemptions, and the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges that are owed to them, and also returning all right, title, and interest in our land assets, including our Good Names, unharmed, unencumbered, and free of debt.

All pretense of “war” including mercenary war needs to be dropped and the property seized upon by the Office of the Custodian of Alien Property (now the US Attorney General) needs to be returned to the States and to the People of this country without further adieu.

The IRS has also been allowed to run rampant under the false pretenses described above regarding FDR’s Administration and any commercial quid pro quos resulting from it.

Millions of innocent Americans who never owed a dime of “Federal Income Tax” and who were not in receipt of any Federal Income have been the victims of organized theft and racketeering at the hands of both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service. They have been harassed under false pretenses and entrapped via undisclosed contracts and denied relief including exemptions and Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges they are owed.

This ruthless abuse and mistreatment of Allies and Friends deserves nothing but universal condemnation and disgust. It is owed nothing but prompt correction and return of our stolen property.

This entire System is in fact and in truth a part of the Great Abomination, forbidden by scripture, and leading inexorably toward the extinction of any principle of religion, any ethical consideration, any concept of justice or order.

That it should even be necessary in modern times to come forward and do battle with this ancient adversary, is some measure of the ignorance and depravity that consumes our society and infects world leaders.

Men are not corporations; corporations are not men. The Collective Entity Doctrine is bunk. The courts need to be reformed. The premises upon which they operate need to be promptly, permanently, and with prejudice—corrected.

Fictio cedit veritati;fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.

Translated — Fiction yields to truth; where truth is, fiction of law does not exist.

And we are now speaking the truth.

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