A Word to John Best

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

A Word to John Best

This is an official comment, directly from Anna von Reitz.

John, with all due respect, your comments are all wrong. First of all, you talk about “We, the People” as many patriots do, without bothering to discover who or what the “People” being referenced are. Notice that the word “people” is capitalized? That “P” is there for a reason. The reason is that the “People” being referenced are acting in a specific capacity — as the Lawful People governing the States of the Union.

Correcting our political status records and acting in that capacity to assemble our actual States of the Union as “People” is exactly what I am teaching people to do —contrary to your suppositions. I am, in fact, putting the pieces together to unite the People of this country to lawfully and peacefully self-govern. That is what The American States Assembly is all about.

I am teaching people the basics of how their government is supposed to be organized and I am pointing out the necessity of finishing the long overdue “reconstruction” of the Federal States of States. There is nothing “nonsensical” about it. It’s the proper and lawful and established way for us to organize ourselves and conduct our own government and direct our own business.

You suggest that we somehow use The Declaration of Independence to “remove our government” — but it’s not our government sitting in Washington, DC. Our government at the Federal level has been moth-balled for 150 years.

What needs to happen is for our actual Government — of the people, for the people, by the people — to wake up and get organized and do the actual work of self-governance.

All that we could do by “exercising” The Declaration of Independence is create another bloody war and blame others for our own ignorance and sloth and as you put it, “mind-numbing stupidity”. Granted that we have been deceived and suffered constructive fraud, identity theft, Breach of Trust and a host of other evils, but also note that we were not awake enough nor motivated enough to do anything effective to prevent or even protest these crimes until now.

For the most part, we have just trundled along under the lash of the tyrants and gone, “Oh, ho, hum, well, that’s the way it is….” and paid more taxes and put up with more harassment until it has finally come to this.

Be assured that this is not a “lie” and not a matter of “law”. It is a matter of fact. Calling me a “liar” because I am not preaching insurrection against what is masquerading as “our” government is extremely irritating, most especially because I am not lying and am in fact offering the only course of action that doesn’t lead to violence.

To finish this comment — our opponents in this game would just LOVE for us to blunder into their trap and “start something”. They have been trying to get some kind of violent insurrection going for years. They have tried all the motivators there are —- race, religion, politics, false flags, you name it, and they have been trying to gin up something that would cause riots and other disturbances that they could use as an excuse to attack us all. Why? Because we are their Priority Creditors.

They owe us an unimaginably large amount of Credit and also unimaginably large amounts of actual assets. They don’t want to pay us back. They want to kill us off instead, which is exactly what they have prepared for with 800 FEMA Camps and millions of body bags and 30,000 guillotines.

Simply killing their Priority Creditors helps and enriches them in many ways.

First, they don’t have to pay anything back — not the credit, not the assets, and not the interest.

Second, they get to come in and claim all the “abandoned assets” of their victims — our land, our homes, our businesses, our public facilities, everything.

Third, they get to claim all the “Life Force Value Annuities” and Life Insurances they have placed on each and every one of us.

Fourth, they get to charge the survivors for the “service” of killing us.

This is why it is emphatically necessary for us to NOT give them any reason to do what they want to do. This is why we must follow the lawful path and do the work and give them no excuse.


See also “A country without a government” by Robert-Dean:House https://mainerepublicemailreport.com/?s=country+without+a+government


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