News Flash for the US Department of State….

anna-2 by Anna von Reitz

News Flash for the US Department of State….

….and also for the United States Department of State, the US State Department, the United States State Department, the US STATE DEPARTMENT, or however else you wish to cobble things up and rename and shuffle and shamelessly, criminally misconduct your business operations:

We, the American States and People, are not Municipal Citizens of the United States, did not ever even reply to the offer made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt specifically to Municipal Citizens of the United States — and were under no obligation to reply, since his remarks were obviously not addressed to us.

Nor can we be presumed to be subject to any undisclosed, unilateral or implied commercial contracting process, as our commercial vessels have been dry-docked and otherwise moth-balled since 1868. We couldn’t have been operating in commerce nor be subject to any commercial law in 1933 and the issuance of commercial vessels in our names as purported gifts is just self-interested fraud.

Rather, you and your bosses are all under obligation to honor a normal course of business with us and to erase all trace of your improper presumptions against us and our property assets, especially the private property assets of average Americans.

That means the lawful conversion and re-venue of absolutely everything you unlawfully converted in 1933. It also means providing correct passports. It also means providing access to the National Credit we are owed.

This jig is up.

Correct your records and operations on our shores. Return the National Credit and the land titles owed to the American States and People or be exposed in front of the whole world as a crime syndicate overdue for liquidation.


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