A helicopter hits a building in New York

New York City Police and Fire Department personnel secure the scene in front of a building in midtown Manhattan where a helicopter crash landed,  June 10, 2019.

‘An explosion like this’ echoes 9/11

A helicopter crashed into a New York City high-rise Monday, killing the pilot and halting traffic on nearby streets in the heart of midtown Manhattan, the city Fire Department said. The crash drew a major police and fire response to the 752-foot-tall skyscraper near Times Square. “There was a fire when the helicopter hit the roof,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, but no one in the building was injured. Franklin Acosta heard what sounded like a small airplane passing by from his 38th-floor office, he told USA TODAY: “Then it stopped, and the building shook. I didn’t wait. I told my people to come down and get out of the building.” Jacqueline Fajardo, who was on the 42nd floor, said it evoked the Sept. 11 attacks. “When I hear an explosion like this, it makes me think of that day,” she said. “You don’t forget.” Here’s what we know on the crash:

Preliminary info indicated an emergency landing on the building, Cuomo said, and It was unclear whether the pilot cleared his flight with LaGuardia Airport.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said there was “no nexus to terror” and ” no ongoing threat to New York City.”
The helicopter had no passengers aboard, de Blasio said.


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