NEW CALL FROM NEO ON THE WAR POWERS ACT. (Anna wants us to listen)

June 13, 2013

Hello Fellow Truth Seekers:

Have you ever wondered why Judges are able to run you over in court as if you are a slave and have no rights whatsoever?

Or why government officials and agents treat you like you are the scum of the earth and GET AWAY WITH IT!

There is a reason for it ALL OF IT and its origins can be found in Emergency War Powers (EWP).

Everything the government in America (and for that matter all the governments of the world) do has its foundation in EWP.


Anyone who knows anything about the movement understands this AND they also know that you ARE COMPLETELY LOST without a working knowledge of this.

To understand our world from the perspective of HOW THINGS ACTUALLY ARE vs. HOW WE HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE THEY ARE you must attend this seminar.

Oh, and before I get too far into this email I want to give everyone a reminder of the FREE call I’ll be hosting TONIGHT, June 13, 2019, to discuss my paid seminar and its contents.  The call will be held at:

6:30 EST 5:30 CST 4:30 MST and 3:30 PST and the call-in number and password is:

712-775-7035      Participant Code: 100547

I look forward to seeing you on the call and I’ll be able to take a few questions as well.

Until later this evening,



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