STATE vs FEDERAL US citizenship (by Jaro)

First, let me summarize:

1) Citizenship based on locality (such as 14th Am. citizenship), is mere MUNICIPAL citizenship which is NOT natural-born citizenship

2) Natural-born citizenship is citizenship based on descent through the father which, under natural law, is recognized by all nations

So a natural-born citizen is one whose citizenship is recognized by the law of nations rather than mere local recognition. So being born to a foreigner within borders of the USA, gives you a LOCAL, MUNICIPAL (US) citizenship, while being born to an American father anywhere in the world, gives you  NATURAL-BORN, USA citizenship. That is unless you trade it off for federal US citizenship by signing a Birth Certificate.

PLUS, natural-born citizens are citizens of the STATE they were born in, so they’re American/State citizens. Federal US citizens are NOT American citizens, since there is nothing American about the District of Columbia AKA the United States.

Furthermore, the name of our NATION is United States of America, NOT United States, so natural-born citizens are USA citizens, NOT US citizens.

Furthermore, regarding NATIONAL citizenship, historically the mother’s citizenship rarely ever influences the citizenship of their children except in certain situations such as the father dying before the child is born or when the identity of the father is unknown.

BTW, this is why the feds need the mother’s signature on a Birth Certificate, since without it, the baby will automatically have NATURAL-BORN State citizenship.

Of course, the FATHER can CANCEL the BC by asserting that the child is his and it’s a natural-born American/State citizen. And since that’s recognized under the law of nations, the corporate gov’t can’t overrule that.

So it’s up to the father to assert his child’s natural-born citizenship. If he doesn’t, the mother’s signature stands and identifies the child as a 14th Amendment federal citizen.


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