Modus Operandi 6.0

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Modus Operandi 6.0

Now we have the beginning of the “gauge” of the problems we and the rest of the world are facing, and they are substantive and logical and hard to overcome.

The few remaining sovereign governments (and it appears we may no longer include Britain thanks to their participation in the EU) profit themselves by chartering incorporated franchises. The assets of these franchises are seized upon, but because the operators and shareholders remain the same, people are under the delusion that they continue to own the business they created and which they have foolishly given away.

That is, most incorporated businesses have done this foolishly, while a relatively small number of organizations engaged in immoral, illegal, or other activities with “liability issues” such as defense contractors, have incorporated knowingly to escape being accountable for their actions, yet enabled to continue to reap profit from them.

The organization reaping the most profit from this scheme is the Holy See, with the British Government coming in a close second.

By incorporating the organizations responsible for delivering government services, they further increased their throttle-hold on everyone and everything, and set up a situation wherein their own corporations are guarding their own other commercial corporation holdings, and the men responsible for oversight — the Roman Curia and the Pope — the ones profiting the most from all this oppressive criminality, are the ones supposed to be upholding law and order and liquidating their own crime syndicates.

Does anyone see a problem with this?

Thus Pope Benedict liquidated the UNITED STATES, INC., but only after shuffling off the bulk of the assets to other incorporated entities owned and operated by the same shysters, and Francis has left all the rest of the infrastructure of this evil intact and thriving, and not even under investigation.

He will give you his best stare, cock his head, look vaguely interested — FBI? DTC? DTTC? MERS? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? IRS?

He might give a little jolt of surprise and look at you more sharply if you mention the new gig using the Northern Marianas to set up the same scam they’ve been running all these years in Puerto Rico.

But then, he would ask, isn’t the Church able to tithe its members for voluntary contributions to Peter’s Pence? The cost of carrying on worldwide Crusades against everyone and everything else is costly, after all.

They have by dint of clandestine action whittled down the list of other sovereign unincorporated governments to a mere handful. They even managed to undermine the endlessly perfidious British Monarchy, and that is no small feat.
Imagine their consternation when the sovereign American States rose up, shook off the dust of a 150-year nap, and arrived back on the playing field?

Some members of the Curia realize that this may be the last gasp hope for the Church’s redemption and salvation.

Others are continuing on with their plan to use Donald Trump and our muscle to wipe out Iran and North Korea, let the Arab nations wipe out Israel, and then simply announce that they have taken over the U.S. and use their tool, the United Nations, to announce that they will no longer recognize any unincorporated governments.

Such an announcement, they reason, would just fly over people’s heads. The sheep wouldn’t know what it meant, so wouldn’t react. And there they’d be, sitting at the Apex of the Pyramid, not having to share power with anyone at all, silently owning everyone and everything — but not as a Church morally obligated to preserve a worldwide trust — as the biggest transnational commercial corporation on Earth and the inheritor of all the assets of all the commercial corporations they chartered directly or chartered through their franchise organizations.

It would be Satan’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of God, not the Kingdom of Heaven.

So they aim to literally own everything and everything outright, in the commercial sense of ownership. They are not waiting for Jesus to return. They are just setting themselves up to rule as oligarchs. And all on the QT.

Many lifelong Catholics are hearing about this for the first time. They can’t even imagine that their Church has been involved –indeed, promoting and perpetuating something like this — for over 150 years. It seems so opposed to what the Church is supposed to be about, and yet, if they stop and think…. what is the Pontificate? What is the history of the Holy Roman Empire? What was Martin Luther ranting about?

Is the selling of Indulgences — certificates allowing rich people to sin in exchange for gold — really that much different from trading baptismal certificates on a private stock exchange and claiming that they are buying and selling souls?

The Pontificate has been hidden in plain sight for centuries, a pagan Roman institution existing side by side with the Roman Catholic Church. Yet, somehow, the sincerity and sacrifices of the Saints have covered up the sins and evils of the “property management” side of things.

The weak link in all of this criminality is exposure and public discussion of it, thus it has been kept secret and implemented in secret via what? Secret societies. Brotherhoods. Men engaged in a Great Work.

Just steal the whole world (for its own good, of course, wink-wink) and tell the gullible pawns that it is about something else entirely.

So here we find more of their Modus Operandi: (1) serving as their own oversight — and then just looking the other way as much as possible; (2) lying to and deceiving their membership, in the church, in the “secret” fraternal societies they spawned, in the labor unions they spawned, and the political parties they spawned, too; (3) using the virtues and sincere beliefs of others as a storefront to cover crime; (4) secretly mocking Jesus and celebrating his death; (5) upholding Satan’s Kingdom — the “Kingdom of God” — and trying to confuse it with The Kingdom of Heaven, the same way they have confused “the” United States with The United States.

We are saying this to wake the conscience and awareness of people and especially of Catholics worldwide: the Roman Catholic Church has a deep and ugly schism built into it, an element of criminality it must overcome.

This is the War of the Spirit, in which the Holy Spirit must overcome the Spirit of Evil, and in which men must choose which Master they will serve.


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