Never Trust the Navy

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Never Trust the Navy

The US Navy is controlled by the British and if it had been doing its job the last 150 years we wouldn’t have had British pirates on our shores plundering and pillaging and unlawfully converting our assets.

The Navy was allowed to take over our Coast Guard so that we had no Coast Guard–the better to expedite the inland piracy we have suffered and the drug running and the human trafficking.

The entire British Government and that of Westminster is filthy dirty.

The Navy is part and parcel of the problem, not the solution. So when you see an old Admiral come out of dry dock you know that the Rats are at it again and are about to launch something nasty.

Sure enough.

“ISIS” –a division strength multi-national mercenary force bought and paid for by the Bank of England and financed through Qatar has been retasked and sent to America, to our Southern Border, where they intend to engage domestic police and normal US Troops.

The Queen, Mr. Trump, the Bank of England, and the Bank of Scotland will all be very, very sorry if any such plan is ever implemented on American soil.


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