Move over gay pride, its time for American pride!

Only a President like Trump could have pulled off the spectacular Independence Day Celebration in Washington, DC yesterday. All the detractors’ criticisms came off like sour grapes compared to the grand show we witnessed beginning with a no holds barred parade and capped off with a glorious fireworks celebration accompanied by the 1812 Overture. The entertainment was All American, clean, classy and heartrendingly patriotic.

Our nation’s Joy of Freedom Celebration was a proud spectacle designed to unify and make us feel good about ourselves. In his speech, President Trump began his optimistic speech with our incredible founding and named in succession, the accomplishments of Americans throughout the 243 years of our existence. Honoring each branch of the military with their official motto and music, each got a fabulous flyover display of the coolest planes and helicopters on earth. “The Spirit of America will never fade, never fail and will reign forever!” Trump told the cheering crowds. After decades of malaise, even now, Hollywood melts down and apologizes to the rest of the world. From where I sit, this reminds me of Jane Fonda’s treasonous acts during the Viet Nam era.

Watching a Canadian rebroadcast on YouTube with a chat thread to the side, I was shocked ( I must be exceptionally slow to learn) to see the hate-filled comments ruining my enjoyment of the speech. Mostly the comments were downright stupid, insulting and untrue. But this is the reason we must remain vigilant. As Trump stated, “Freedom rests on the shoulders of those who defend it.”

While it was great to feel proud for a short time, we must stay focused. Our enemies are plotting daily to destroy this great nation. be available free now through next weekend, July 14.

Trump ended with “We are one people, all made by the same Almighty God”


Anita Untersee


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