The legal fiction is an ACTOR, a corporation, an employee, a Strawman, it’s all of those things, but it’s not you! However, so long as you have NOT staked your claim to its exclusive use, the world of commerce will infringe on it for their purposes.

But, once you copyright the legal fiction and remove it from the public domain, the use of that property without your permission will cost the user a price, which you set in the public record when recording your copyright.

A discussion of ‘idem sonans’ is appropriate. It means “sounding the same or alike” and is the means by which the real man is tricked into answering to the illegal conversion of his Christian appellation (name).

When a case is called in court by the bailiff announcing the defendant’s name, he is reading the all-capital name of the ACTOR (corporation) which SOUNDS exactly like the real man’s name but it is NOT his name.

The natural reaction is to respond by walking forward. The moment the real man enters the bar; he has just left the venue of the People and entered the admiralty court, whereby the presumption of contract, he comes under some obligation to obey a statutory code, rule, or regulation and that he failed to comply with it.

Idem sonans amounts to criminal conversion (contract made without your consent and lacking full disclosure) that is willful, malicious and deceptive trade practice.

The opposition assumes that you will not know the truth, will traverse to that fiction and will automatically be captured into their venue-and be the means of creating additional revenue to fund the state machine.

So, how does one avoid falling into the idem sonans snare? One way is to file a petition for an identity-hearing in advance to clarify which party the opposition really wants to appear in court.

This is a deal killer for them because, if they make truthful disclosure, it exposes their fraud. (You can help dissuade them from proceeding by attaching a copy of your recorded copyright when you file your petition.)

Any attempt by a real man to appear in court is foolhardy. The ACTOR is the one on trial and he needs legal representation (a BAR Solicitor ) to mount a defense. The real man, not being a BAR solicitor cannot come into the court without permission and thus he cannot speak for the ACTOR.

Nothing the real man attempts to put into the record will have any effect. The judge and the opposing attorney will take silent notice of the fraud the real man is attempting to perpetrate on the court, but no one will tell him the reality of the situation.

Result: The ACTOR is recorded as NOT having appeared and nobody made a legitimate appearance for the ACTOR, which leads the court to award a declaratory judgment in favor of the opposition. Nothing can stop this process because the real man cannot object without having a BAR card.

Even if the judge wanted to rule in the ACTOR’S favor he cannot, being constrained by the rules that govern the court. HINT: If you want to go into their court, first get a BAR card and obtain standing with the court.

Stay our of their courts! Only solicitors can appear in their courts. They are moving by contract and statute and regulation, not law. If invited to appear, choose to abstain.

That’s why we have Acts of parliament because they are for the Actors.


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