about TRUMP

By Sabrina Henry <bregecko@gmail.com>   
This email may upset you at first, but as a God-loving
woman, I feel the need to shed some light on this for you.
I read the following piece below on this site by  Chuck Baldwin….
Since you have in the top right corner. “…That I should
bear witness to the truth.” – John 18:37 // David  E. Robinson, Publisher
….  I’m not going to rant and rave here which is my first response when
someone is spreading typical lies about Trump that claim to be honest…. 
But instead, I’ll let you do your own research and hopefully, I’m not 
wasting my time on someone that is aware they are spreading lies.
I’ve got some questions for you…. Have you ever thought about why Trump
isn’t dead yet? Do you know how many people predicted his presidency saying 
they were told by God? On average, about how many sealed indictments
are there in one year? How many were there this since Trump became
president? About how many human trafficking and human rights type
arrests are done on average? Since Trump….? Remember when he first
took office he declared national emergency against human rights
violations? Have you heard of ”Q” [[besides from the lying media]]?
Actually, if you had, you wouldn’t have had those untruths on your
website. If you’ve heard of Q, and assumed the media was telling you
the truth, I challenge you to spend just 10 minutes researching this
subject from the other side. If you have no clue what I am talking about,
you should look for a 13-minute video on youtube called ”Q, the plan
to save the world” followed by some videos by Jordan Sather or
Praying Medic. They are both humble men that are down to earth
and have videos to explain who Q is… [[Q is not 1 person]]
I’m going to answer the first question for you… Trump is still alive
because God is using him! Many are called, few are chosen and
God can and will choose whomever he wants to. When Trump found
out about the spiritual significance of what he did for Israel was,
he started crying because he felt so touched that God would use him
in that way! He wants to be remembered for having more PRAYER in
the white house than any other president! Now that I have provided
plenty of information for you to find truth on your own, I should warn you.
Don’t mess with God’s anointed. Do the search for truth and be finally free.
And welcome to the real word …;)


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